• About the Invesp Blog

    Success online is not easy. Anyone who has started a website knows that there is a lot of hard work, mistakes, and a few lucky breaks before you can make it. So what is the missing ingredient for success online?

    • Is it marketing skills?
    • Is it writing skills?
    • Is technical skills?
    • Is it usability skills?

    We think it is all of the above. We are bored to death when we hear people say that “content is king.” If content was the only secret to success, then many writers would be making millions online. Content alone is a king with no kingdom to rule.

    But hey, don’t get us wrong! We think content is the corner stone of any solid online success. But you have to know how to market that content, present it to your visitors and use technology to make it accessible to everyone.

    So, what is the goal of our blog? It never fails when we tell people that we help you increase conversion rate. What is that? By increasing your conversion rate, you will be able to :

    • Sell more online
    • Convince your one time visitor to buy from you
    • Increase readership to your blog
    • Convince your one time visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed
    • Attract links to your website

    No matter how many people claim that it is so easy, it really is not. There are 60 million blogs out there and we’d like to think that we stand out!  The Invesp blog is the thoughts, conversations and many times rants of the members of Invesp consulting and our partners. We hope to bring insightful ideas revolving around conversion, online marketing, blogging, copywriting, and more. We try to add a twist to each topic, catering to the interest of our readership. In addition, the combination of our distinct personalities and wide range of experiences gives this blog that “twist,” which we hope encourages you to subscribe and read on!

    We love blogging, and our ultimate goals behind it are:

    • To converse with you
    • To share, learn and educate
    •  To expand our online community and hear the insights and ideas of others

    We currently have 14 members on our blogging team. So, as you read through the Invesp blog, you will be introduced to different voices, styles, thoughts, and perspectives. Sometimes we disagree amongst ourselves, and in rare occasions everyone agrees on the same point. Each member comes from a distinct educational background and experience; which is what makes our posts unique.

    Our team is obsessed (in a good way) with conversion optimization. It is only when companies focus on their user and visitor, then they will start improving their site conversion rate. We want to get the message out to everyone out their in cyber world; and our blog is an excellent means to do so!

    The invesp blog authors:

    Ayat Shukairy

    Khalid Saleh