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  • 3 Steps to Start Mining Ecommerce Gold

    You’ve heard it many times before: it’s easier and less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to get a new one. It’s “smack yourself in the head” obvious. If you’ve converted a customer, the hardest part of your marketing and sales effort is done, so getting her to buy again is a relative cakewalk compared to converting a new customer. The Repeat Customer Story Gets Better Not only is it easier to convert repeat customers, they spend more too.  An Adobe Digital Index analysis of ecommerce sites found that, while only 8% of visitors to U.S. online

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  • Ask for the Sale: 3 Tips for Better Results from Your Calls-to-Action

    Ask for the sale. It’s basic sales practice. Unless you are McDonald’s, your customers will not likely line up to spend their money with you. Don’t expect the customer to make a buying decision purely on the merits of your offer. Ask for the sale.

    In advertising, asking for the sale is known as a call to action. It’s the third step in the basic model for most advertising:

    Highlight a problem Present a solution Call to action

    Here’s a simple example in ad copy:
    Got a nasty headache? Aspirin relieves headache pain fast. Buy some today.

    But, regardless

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  • 5 Easy User Experience Improvements to Increase Conversions

    Just like bricks and mortar retailers, winning at ecommerce comes down to providing your visitors with the best user experience (UX).

    From the shoppers point of view, the best experience can be a simple as finding the lowest price, even on a poorly designed site with otherwise bad UX .

    But, generally speaking, a better overall ecommerce UX  translates into more conversions, better conversion rates and – ta da – higher sales.

    The problem is that creating a better UX can be a complex task with seemingly endless options, each of which must be researched, tested, implemented, including for different

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  • Are You Properly Testing This Crucial Landing Page Element?

    Images. You already know their power to improve conversion rates, leads and ecommerce sales. It’s why you use a photo of your product instead of the thousand words it would take to describe it.

    But most of us don’t realize how powerful images can be. Or, in an increasingly graphic online world, that their power increases.

    If you’re looking for proof of this, try to think of a single popular social medium that has emerged in the past few years that isn’t image-based.

    Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.; all image-based social media. If you thought of Google+, you’re

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  • What Your Parents Taught You About Conversion Rate Optimization

    While we don’t often think of them that way, calls-to-action are actually commands. “Buy Now” and “Get Started Today” literally command your visitor to take the action you want. The examples above are even bold enough to include a time stipulation. Do this and do it now.

    But most people don’t like being commanded to do anything, particularly on the spot. This is  likely a major reason why ecommerce and lead generation sites suffer such poor conversion rates compared to their bricks and mortar counterparts.

    Is there anyone out there who wants to “Submit” or “Purchase”?

    How Your Parents Got

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  • 5 Variables to Test on Your Landing Page Headlines

    First impressions last. But on your ecommerce or lead-generation landing pages, they can last less than a second.

    Your landing page headline does more than any other element to shape a visitor’s first impression and, if it doesn’t work, it also shapes their last impression.

    As such an important part of your landing page, headlines are a great place to start your a/b or multivariate testing to improve your conversion optimization.

    As you read through the list of testing options, remember that there are no rules for what works. That’s why you need to test!

    The Trigger & Benefit

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  • 9 Landing Page Elements to Start Testing Now

    Testing your ecommerce and lead-generation landing pages is the best way to increase their conversion rates. Check the infographic we recently posted on the Invesp blog to learn more about How to Test Your Landing Pages.

    After you do, use the list below to help you determine which landing page elements you can use to begin testing:

    Page Headline
    This is the single most important element of your landing page. Why? It is the first and very often the only element that visitors use to determine whether your landing page holds the answers they seek. Sub-Headline
    While your

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  • How to Know Where to Begin Your CRO

    Hopefully everyone’s efforts here at Invesp are paying off and more and more of you understand the importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO). Presuming all other elements of your ecommerce and lead generation, including your website and levels of traffic, are at least average, CRO is where you can make them all exceptional.

    Unlike the other elements, CRO focuses on your customers’ actions at the point of conversion and so can have a direct and profound impact on your site’s performance and bottom line. For sites that have not previously been optimized, it is not unusual to see CRO result

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