• Holiday Shopping in Numbers- Statistics and Trends

    The 2014 holiday season will have only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas, just one more than last year and five fewer than 2012. Still the US retail commerce is expected to grow 16.6% this holiday season up from the 15.3% growth of last year. Looks like it doesn’t matter anymore just how many days there are in the holiday season anymore. Retail commerce is growing by leaps and bounds each season. This year we estimate that holiday season sales will account for 23.7% of total retail E-commerce sales in the US.

    If you’re just as curious as we are, do check out our infographic, “Holiday Shopping Statistics And Trends”, for an in-depth look-see into the holiday ecommerce stats in the US.

    Holiday Shopping Statistics and Trends

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    Estimated US Retail E-Commerce Holiday Sales Statistics

    YearRetail E-Commerce Sale ( In Billions)

    Almost 92 percent of holiday shoppers plan to go online to research gifts and/or make purchases this holiday season.

    Mobile commerce will account for 33% of US online holiday sales

    94%of polled consumers said that discounts will be important to their purchase decisions.

    91% of shoppers say a low price is an important factor in the decision to buy

    Around 70% of US ecommerce shipments during the 2014 Christmas shopping period include free shipping. This stands at a 3% increase over 2013, when about two-thirds of all U.S. holiday ecommerce shipments were sent at the merchant’s expense.

    83% of online shoppers are willing to wait additional days for delivery if they can get free shipping.

    80% of consumers will use more than one device at once while shopping for the holidays, while 84%will begin shopping on device and finish on another.

    Since 2012, the time spent researching popular holiday shopping categories such as toys and home appliances has increased from 9.9 to 12 hours and 13 to 15.8 hours, respectively.

    Before making a purchase in 2013, shoppers referenced 12 sources of information—up from just five in 2010

    74% of shoppers said a simple, streamlined shopping cart that makes checkout fast and easy was very or extremely important.

    48% of shoppers were always or frequently influenced by online ratings and reviews.

    73% of on online shoppers consider free shipping as the #1 criterion for making a purchase. Another study shows that 49% have at some time abandoned their shopping cart due to shipping costs.

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