• Understanding The Online Consumer Behavior [Infographic]

    Our “Analysis of Online Consumer Behavior” infographic not only helps you understand the behavioral characteristics of online consumers, but also to obtain answers to several important questions. Some of these questions are:

    1. What are online shopper demographics?
    2. Why do people prefer to buy shop online?
    3. What are the most common reasons why people don’t shop online?
    4. What are the various online spending trends in different retail sectors?

    Infographic by- Invesp

    Online Consumer Behavior

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    Global Online Population Is Estimated To Reach 2.32 Billion By 2014

    2011 (In millions)2014 (In millions)
    North America272292
    Asia / Asia Pacific / Oceania9221033
    Latin America /Caribbean215255
    Middle East and Africa186241

    By 2015, online sales figures are expected to increase as follows, corresponding to the increase in global population:

    • US E-Retail market will reach the grand figure of $279 Billion
    • Mobile commerce sales will reach $28.7 Billion
    • Social Media commerce sales will touch $30 Billion
    • Daily Deal revenue sites sales will touch $3.93 Billion

    The Number Of Online Consumers In The USA

    YearOnline Consumers ( In millions)%age of Total Online Users
    2011178.587.5 %
    2012184.388.1 %
    2013189.688.7 %
    2014195.489.4 %
    2015201.190.1 %

    Online Shoppers Demographics

    Online Shoppers by Gender

    Of the current global online population, about 79% of women and 77% of men have done online shopping at some time or the other.


    Online Shoppers by Age Group

    The current statistics are: 80% of online people aged 50 to 64 and 30 to 49; 77% of online people aged 18 to 29; 68% of online people aged over 65 years.

    Online Users Age GroupPercentage

    Online Shoppers by Income levels

    Online Users Income LevelPercentage
    Less than $30K67%

    Reasons Why People Buy Online

    Low Prices/ Discounts38%
    24 Hour Shopping Convenience35.1%
    Easy to compare Prices33.1%
    Free Shipping31.5%
    Time Saving30.8%
    Easy to Buy29.2%
    Wider range of products17.4%

    Reasons Why People don’t prefer to Buy Online

    Reasons Why People don’t prefer to Buy OnlineFemale (%)Male (%)
    Want to See and Touch Real Product38%33%
    Shipping Cost32%26%
    Privacy Concerns30%33%
    Hassle in Returning Products25%27%
    Prefer to Buy in Store23%25%
    Want to contact sales people in person11%17%

    Online Retail Spending Shares

    Online Retail SectorsFemale (%)Male (%)
    Video Games/Consoles56%44%
    Events/Movie Tickets44%56%

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