Steps in the conversion framework implementation.  
Visitor-Focused Process delivers higher conversion rates
We understand that a website does not exist in a vacuum. It is created to serve a goal for your company: attracting customers, generating sales, and raising brand awareness. Many sites suffer from low traffic and low conversion rates. Our conversion frameworkis aimed at creating a steady, targeted traffic flow to your site and shattering your low conversion rates.

We want to see our clients increase conversion rates to the two-digits. Below is an outline of the steps we follow on a typical conversion framework implementation. Contact Invesp today to get started!

What can we do for you?
All the elements of your site must work together to achieve the conversion goal. By using our optimized conversion framework you will be able to:
Create a custom solution that is specific to your client needs, your marketing goals, and business objective
Define measurable conversion goals for your site that will give you the results you are looking for and that will adhere to your customer’s needs and personalities.
Identify different types of visitors who come to your site by doing an in-depth analysis of your clients, online visitors, and marketing efforts.
Develop and define site personas which can provide great help when designing and implementing the conversion framework. This will better target your ideal client and increase the rate of conversion.
Design a site flow that guides clients through your site so that any client coming at any stage of the buying process will be able to find what they are looking for.
Create web copy that deals with the different type of visitors to your site so you can adhere to all your customers whatever personality they may have.
What are the steps of our process?
Discovery Phase: During this phase we gain a better understanding of your business, web site goals, and market. We work together to understand your target market and how to reach them what language motivates them to act, and what they look for in a site. At the end of this phase, we will develop:

Company profile to help present you to clients, potential consumers, and establishes an online identity. It is important for us to understand your business goals including branding initiatives and revenue goals. We also do an in-depth marketing analysis to understand your branding goals. All the information will be collected in the creation of your company profile.This profile will help you answer questions such as what does the overall web presentation lack that is hindering the confidence building process within clients? And how can your products/services give clients more confidence?

Client profile to help us understand how your clients shop online,
  what services they need, and what emotional and logical elements influence their buying decision. This profile will help you answer questions such what problems clients will be able to solve with your products or services? And how other solutions they are currently using to solve these problems? and objections or fears will your client come with?
Conversion goals for the project. What are trying to achieve? Do we want to increase online sales? Do we want to increase contact form submission, achieve higher ranking, or do we want to cut down on cart abandonment rates?
Story Boarding Phase: We utilize the knowledge we developed in the Discovery Phase to start developing more detailed profiles of potential clients. Web visitors land on your page with different goals and in different stages of the sales process. They are looking to fulfill different needs and wants. Your copy has to present each visitor with the right information to help move them through the conversion process. At the end of this phase, we will have:
Visitor profiles: This is an evolution of the potential client profile we develop in the first stage. In this stage, we end up with 2 or 3 different personas, their demographic information, and a clear understanding of their needs and wants.
Visitor walk through: We walk your visitor profiles through the different pages on your site, see what each profile will be looking for in a page, what information they need, and what language triggers them to remain on your site. The usability issues are essential; we look at each visitor and what functionalities, links, etc. may give them the confidence in the site that they need. Additionally, we look at the various obstacles that each visitor may be presented with that will hinder their conversion process.
Keywords: What keywords do people use to search for your products or services? Our experts develop a list of words for every page of your copy to enhance your site and help you achieve the high-ranking you need.
Web Copy Creation Phase: This is where the rubber hits the road. Armed with the information collected from the first two phases, our writing experts develop site copy that will entice visitors to convert. The copywriting expertise we offer will be customized with your message, style, tone, and company persona.  
Deploy and Test Phase: Here, we deploy the web copy to your site. We tweak some elements and optimize to ensure we are increasing the conversion rates.
How did you develop your process?  

The process is a mix of strategies used by three different and unique disciplines that do not usually work together.

The experience from user interface discipline has been used for many years by design teams and user interface experts on large scale projects. We implemented these practices on global projects spanning two different continents. Additionally, our marketing discipline focuses on your marketing goals, your market position, and your target audience. Our marketing experience will help develop copy that catches the attention of your site visitors. Finally, our software discipline helps to bring all the elements of your project together with a structured approach to developing your web copy. You can think of our software experience as the glue that will deliver your project.

How do you know that your process works? We can only sell you our conversion framework if we can prove it. Isn’t it funny that many conversion experts have extremely low conversion rates? Not Invesp.

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