Increasing your Website Conversion Rates through Persona Creation and Development

The challenge successful website’s face is appealing to hundreds if not thousands of personalities, different sets of needs and desires, and unique buying processes.  Your focus on visitors must go beyond scratching the service to a customer oriented culture.

Customers are in full control.

Not only do customers control their own buying process and experience, but they control messages, campaigns and brands. A new approach to marketing is required with all of these elements suddenly in the hands of millions and largely beyond the marketer's influence. You may indeed have a general understanding of your target market and various market segmentations. But is that enough? How does target market information translate into effective guidelines for design and site structure? How does market segmentation help in layout or copy creation?

Every market segment is made up of a variety of people, personalities, buying habits, browsing and site surfing traits, etc. Gauging what makes up every segment and culminating that information to make a single persona with a name, face, personality, and life makes the process of creating a client-centric site more achievable.

Persona creation: Going beyond market segmentation

Every company thinks they know their customers very well. But the reality is what we think our customers want and what our customers actually want are very different. And it does not stop there: How you view your business and how your customers view your business are two separate perspectives as well.
The lack of understanding visitors is one of the largest factors contributing to low website conversion rates. After 12 years working with e-commerce companies, we have learned that catering to an individual persona that represents your market is a lot different than catering to the masses.  The process of conversion optimization through persona development can lead to 238% increases in conversion rates.

Persona development will help you:

  1. Get beyond market segmentation and gain a deeper understanding of the individuals that represent your market
  2. Understand buying trends, motivations, needs and fears of your site visitors
  3. Guide all elements of your website design and copy to persuade your personas

Persona Creation Process

Most companies have the general demographical information of their site visitors, but in order to understand their shopping behaviors online, that is not enough. The persona creation process at Invesp involves:

  1. Analyzing market demographical Information
  2. Surveying individual buyers on their online behavior
  3. Observation of users
  4. Focus groups
  5. Customer profiling – market segmentation
  6. Persona creation

Contact us today to understand more about our persona creation process. We utilize our persona creation process as an integral part in each of our services: full website optimization, landing page optimization and the conversion recommendation report.


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