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Prior to launching Invesp, co-founder Khalid Saleh built his career devising ecommerce and optimization solutions for companies like Motorola and Citrix. He has personally designed and deployed dozens of large-scale projects, serving as architect for 22 of the largest e-commerce websites in North America.


Throughout her career, co-founder Ayat Shukairy worked on countless high-profile e-commerce projects, helping diverse organizations optimize website copy. She ultimately realized that many sites performed poorly because of usability and design issues - despite copy optimization efforts.


The partners formed Invesp in 2006, bringing together decades of complimentary industry experience. Their joint expertise covers e-commerce specialties like website design and development, copy optimization, marketing, and complete CRO project management.

Invesp Commitment

Invesp is built on a commitment to deliver more conversions. Simply put: Too much revenue is lost when site visitors fail to follow-through, so Invesp wants to help you reclaim sales.

Too often, companies invest millions integrating the latest technology into their websites, only to fall short at the critical conversion stage. Even sites drawing thousands of daily visitors face poor conversation rates, so Invesp is focused on delivering orders, regardless of the size of your e-commerce venture. We continually add to our suite of optimization tools, but visitor focus is always central to our CRO efforts.

Our Team: Industry Experts, Educators and Authors

Khalid Saleh (pronounced ka-lid) is the leading e-commerce architect in North America. His work includes 12 of the continent's largest ecommerce operations, serving corporations like AMEX, Motorola, Levelor, Citrix, Nabors, WWT and others. His project management experience with these companies covered all aspects of e-commerce design and implementation, including concept creation, implementation, and finally the launch and marketing of the sites. He is a highly sought-after consultant in all areas of e-commerce.

Ayat Shukairy (pronounced i-yat) is a leading conversion optimization and usability expert, responsible for hundreds of published articles on the subject. She has worked with companies like HowStuffWorks, ReMAX, Discovery, CSRI, PGI Connect, and more. Leading more than 200 international conversion optimization projects, she has overseen all aspects of CRO campaigns, including market analysis, persona creation, and full optimization implementation. She consistently delivers double-digit conversion rate improvements for her clients.

The Invesp Team:


The Advantages of Working with Invesp

Invesp CRO strategies recognize that website visitors have the last word. With your help, our hard-working team is committed to improving your bottom line. Success speaks for itself, so better website performance and conversion rate improvements furnish proof that Invesp is the right partner for your e-commerce projects.

Our individualized service is a source of pride. Though we address projects of all sizes, the professional attention given to each optimization effort is highly personalized. And since we are relatively small, we choose projects that reflect values we share with our clients. These principles guide our client relationships:

Transparency - Honest communication and straightforward analysis are central to our optimization projects. We are committed to finding winning combinations for your site, so we will not sugar-coat evaluations or recommendations.

Client Focused Delivery - Our success is results-driven, so we guarantee measurable improvements to your online performance.

Creativity - Conversion optimization blends art and science. In addition to sound empirical analysis, Invesp brings creative solutions to each project.


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