• Breadcrumbs Navigation: What Is Its Impact On E-commerce User Engagement and Conversion Rates

    Breadcrumbs Navigation!

    Imagine them as the trusty Google maps for websites, guiding your visitors through the digital maze and ensuring they never feel lost.

    Within this article, we shall delve deep into breadcrumbs navigation. You will know —what they are, their necessity for every website, the various types found in the virtual realm, the advantages they bring to your site, and the golden rules for their seamless implementation.

    So, without further ado, let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!

    What is Breadcrumb Navigation?

    Breadcrumb navigation is a type of navigational aid commonly used on websites to provide users with a

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  • Can A/B Testing Impact SEO?

    can ab testing impact CRO

    The first recorded use of the term SEO is dated back to 1997. 

    This means as a discipline SEO has been around for 26+ years, unlike conversion rate optimization, which wasn’t a thing until 2006.

    For many businesses, one of their initial forays into digital marketing is to start working on their website SEO/optimizing web pages SEO.

    Regarding Google’s ranking algorithm, there are hundreds of unknown ranking factors. Still, we’re familiar with three (site speed, content relevancy/quality, and backlinks), and these factors can be negatively affected when an A/B test is launched if it’s not done properly. 

    In this article,

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  • How Marketers Can Use Push Notifications: A Complete Guide

    how marketers can use push notifications

    Push notifications. 

    When used wisely, it can be a powerful tool to engage and connect with users. They have the potential to deliver timely, relevant information, enticing us with exciting updates, personalized offers, and valuable content. They can act as a gateway to create meaningful customer interactions and foster brand loyalty.

    However, things take a frustrating turn when push notifications are misused and abused. We’ve all experienced the dreaded bombardment of irrelevant, incessant notifications that plague our screens. The constant ding, buzz, or vibration demanding attention, only to reveal mundane messages that add little value to our lives.

    In this

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  • How to Apply Hicks Law in Web Design: Tips and Best Practices

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the multitude of options when making a purchase? I certainly have, particularly during a recent search for the perfect jogger. 

    The truth is the abundance of choices(data points) can actually hinder our decision-making process rather than help it.

    Behind the scenes, businesses often believe that offering various options and styles will cater to every customer’s needs. 

    However, the reality is far different. 

    When faced with various choices, site visitors tend to take longer to make a decision, leading to potential frustration and decreased conversion rates.

    This is where Hick’s law comes into play.


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  • How To Use ChatGPT For CRO Purposes

    The buzz around AI didn’t start in 2023. Rather, it can be traced back 72 years ago.

    Let me take you on a trip down memory lane…

    In 1951, the first movie about AI, titled “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” was released. It was based on Harry Bates’ book “Farewell to the Master,” and featured an AI character named Gort. This movie sparked an interest in AI among science fiction and movie enthusiasts worldwide.

    Since then, more movies featuring AI have been released, capturing the interest of movie and science fiction lovers worldwide.

    Today, hundreds of AI tools are

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  • How to Conduct a CRO Audit in 10 Steps

    Are you struggling to convert website visitors into paying customers? Do you feel your website could be performing better? If so, you’re not alone. 

    The average website conversion rate across all industries is slightly over 2%. That means most website visitors leave without taking any action. 

    This is where Conversion Rate Optimization audit (CRO) comes in.

    A CRO audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s performance to identify improvement areas to increase conversions. It lets you understand your prospective customers’ needs and what will make them convert. It also helps you find and fix the friction points, gaps, and

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  • Budgeting for CRO: How Much Should You Spend On Conversion Optimization

    In a world with self-driving cars and AI-driven robots, you’d think Conversion Rate Optimization would be the life of the marketing party. 

    But alas, it’s still waiting for an invitation to join the budget allocation club. 

    According to a survey of 405 CMOs by Marketing Charts, CRO is still struggling to get a seat at the table: 

    Experimentation is the backbone of every unicorn, and yet, the CRO industry is still playing catch-up to its more mature counterpart, SEO.  However, we can’t deny the incredible value that comes from testing and optimization. 

    Unlocking the mystery behind why so many businesses

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  • Blackhat CRO and the Line We Shouldn’t Cross

    Conversion optimization is rapidly becoming a crucial aspect of modern-day marketing. 

    Being able to validate hypotheses and witness a direct boost in profit excites eCommerce and SaaS owners and motivates them to seek out and apply the most effective CRO strategies. 

    Unfortunately, this eagerness has led some companies to engage in unethical practices, known as blackhat CRO, which can tarnish their brand reputation and compromise user experience. 

    This article will explore the definition of blackhat CRO, its various forms, and the negative impacts of this approach, and provide tips on conducting ethical CRO practices.

    What is Blackhat CRO?

    Blackhat CRO

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