• Mobile Commerce Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    According to current reports, at present only about 1.6 billion people use their mobile devices to shop online globally. However, by the end of 2017, over two billion mobile phone or tablet users will make some form of mobile commerce transaction. 95% of mobile internet users look up local information on their phones for the purpose of calling or visiting a business. Presently, mobile devices account for 19% of all US retail e-commerce sales. This figure is estimated to reach 27% by the end of 2018, which represents 1 out of every 4 US retail e-commerce dollars. Check out our infographic, ‘Mobile Commerce Statistics and Trends’ for an in-depth view into details such as the US m-commerce sales by device, conversion rate, average order value and much more.

    Mobile commerce Statistics and Trends

    Infographic by- Invesp conversion optimization

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    US Retail M-Commerce Sales By Device (in billions)

    YearTabletsSmartphoneOther mobile devices

    Average Conversion Rate By Device

    DeviceAverage Conversion RateAverage Revenue Per Visit
    Mobile phone0.55%$0.87

    Average E-Commerce Order By Device

    Smartphone DeviceAverage Order Value


    People who shop online using their mobile devices tend to spend twice as much via digital channels than those not buying on mobile devices.

    Online Shopping Percentages Based On Device

    DeviceOnline Shopping Percentage (2014)
    PC and LaptopDropped from 78% to 63%
    SmartphoneDoubled from 8% to 15%
    TabletsDoubled from 5% to 10%


    32% of shoppers changed their minds about purchasing items after checking out product information on their mobiles within brick-and-mortar stores. Out of these shoppers:

    • 20% decided to complete their purchase elsewhere
    • 20% decided against purchase
    • 22% decided to buy the items online
    • Only 19% of the shoppers actually completed the purchase cycle in-store.

    56% of smartphone or tablet users intend on utilizing their devices to search for and/or buy gifts this holiday season. That’s a 7% increase from last year. 42% will do more shopping on their smartphones and tablets this year.

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    53% of smartphone and tablet owners will shop on company-specific apps downloaded from an app store.

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