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    Small Businesses Online Marketing

    Did you know 50% of SMBs spend less than $300/month on online marketing and 75% of SMBs believe that internet marketing is ‘effective’ or ‘very’ effective at attracting new customers. Check our latest infographic “Online Marketing For Small Businesses” for latest small businesses online marketing statistics and trends.

    Online Marketing for Small Businesses

    Infographic by- Invesp Conversion Optimization

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    How much marketing budget small businesses allocate to online marketing

       %age of Marketing budget Spent on Online Marketing%age of Small businesses
    Less than 20%55%

    37% do plan to increase their internet marketing spend over the next 12 months

    Around 74% of SMBs surveyed have a website. Out of which 56% said that their website has a responsive design.

    SMBs attitude towards Digital Marketing

    I understand and I do it all myself29%
    I am learning it and want to do it myself28%
    I’d like to do it but don’t have the budget17%
    I’d like to do it but don’t have the time10%
    I’d prefer to pay a marketing expert10%
    I don’t understand it or feel confident doing it4%
    I’m not interested and don’t think it works for me2%


    Nearly 3/4 of U.S. SMBs Use Social Media to Promote Their Business.

    37% of SMBs plan to spend more on internet marketing in 2015.

    32% say internet marketing is ‘very effective’ at attracting customers.

    SMBs change in spending on an Outside Agency/Consultant

    Change in Spending%age
    Remain Flat24%
    We don’t do this22%


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    Most Effective Marketing Channels in attracting new leads/customers

    Marketing Channel%age
    Word of Mouth28%
    Online Local Directories15%
    Email Marketing10%
    Mobile Marketing4%
    PPC Advertising4%

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