Campus Books

An impact on the overall bottom line revenue, and we're now just converting more customers into sales




Campus Books is a leading textbook price comparison website founded in 1998. Besides offering new and second-hand textbooks for University students, this brand’s in-store and online stores are also a one-stop-shop for everything stationery.

Despite being one of the biggest online bookstores in the US, the company’s marketing team had no optimization strategy in place – and this is something that crippled their site conversion rate.


  • Siloed development, product and marketing teams that did not work together as new features are developed.
  • Although majority of the traffic was coming to the site on mobile devices, mobile conversion rates were significantly lower compared to desktop
  • Busy development team that was consumed by several major internal projects.
  • The marketing & development teams did not have background in running experiments.


Upon hiring Invesp, Campus Books wanted assistance in two main ways.

The first one was developing a reliable, flexible, and risk-free conversion strategy based on the Campus Books’ specific visitors’ clicks and movements. Secondly, Invesp was to train their marketing team on how to implement this strategy to their site.

“We specifically were not looking for a single page optimization or a single test optimization…we were looking for an organization that would give us a long term strategy.”

Jeff Cohen,

VP of Marketing

For many years, Campus Books’ marketing team was always making site-wide tweaks based on guesswork – and they were not following an optimization process to track and see the impact the changes had on their customers.

Given the responsibility to reveal what was working and what wasn’t on the Campus Books website, our team had to do a complete funnel analysis and delve into more complex conversion-related items, branding, and persuasive messaging on their site.


  • Comprehensive conversion audit to Identify and prioritize conversion issues
  • Comprehensive user behavioral research to understand user motivations
  • Comprehensive data analysis and analytics configuration to track users’s activity on the site
  • Identify and run experiments on different parts of the site to improve conversion rates and average order value
  • Design, develop and run AB experiments on the site
  • Track & report results on weekly basis to the team


Knowing what was required of us, we deployed a team consisting of a strategist lead, Senior CRO Specialist, Senior UX Designer, senior front-end developer, and an Analytics Specialist.

In the months that follow, we lay out an optimization roadmap to provide ongoing improvement recommendations through A/B and multivariate testing.

Although we employed our SHIP optimization process on this particular project, we didn’t conduct JTBD interviews. But our team used a combination of user research, expert review, usability tests, and data analysis.

Within the first month of intense conversion research, funnel analysis, data auditing, and event tracking, the team had managed to exhume conversion blockers and persuasion opportunities on the Campus Books website.

Soon after ranking the issues using our prioritization framework, the team leveraged advanced A/B, multivariate, and split testing to overcome conversion bottlenecks and mitigate the risk of blind redesigns.

At every step of the optimization process, our team acted as an extra investigative hand that was updating the Campus Books team, every week, about the changes made and insights learned along the way.


It wasn’t long before all the groundwork started to pay dividends. Within seven months, our CRO team had managed to increase conversion rate and revenue at Campus Books.

“We’ve seen changes in the way we’ve been able to move customers through the funnel of our website, as we’ve been able to assess their movement through the funnel. We’ve also been able to see the impact on our overall bottom line revenue, and we’re now just converting more customers into sales.”

Jeff Cohen,

VP of Marketing

Campus Books were concerned about having an optimization system to use in the long run. Our team managed to develop a customized approach based on the behaviors of Campus Books’ site visitors.

“The second major impact that we’ve seen from the Invesp relationship has really been in our ability to implement a trackable search and accountable system for conversion rate optimization. We’ve discussed conversion rate optimization in the past, but we’ve never really been able to implement it the way we have using Invesp fully. I would recommend using Invesp. If you’re looking for a long-term conversion rate optimization strategy.”

Jeff Cohen,

VP of Marketing