Impact Dog Crates

I loved the wholestick view of the project and the ease of the whole process




Established in North Idaho in 2012, Impact Dog Crates is a family business that focuses on building aluminum dog crates that can endure a lifetime of daily use. The brand offers various crate models designed to support dogs of different breeds, sizes, temperaments, and lifestyles.

Ever since its formation, their marketing team only relied on paid traffic through CPC and Facebook. However, their cost per acquisition was higher than they would like and needed a better landing page and site experience to really move the needle.


  • Although the majority of their traffic was from mobile devices, their mobile conversion rate was lower than desktop.
  • Traffic was only paid however acquisition costs were too high
  • Both the internal and external developers had no experimentation background


Impact Dog Crates hired Invesp at the same time they had changed their PPC company and brought in new developers for major internal projects. In other words, they were still finding their footing in terms of positioning their brand online.

With their developers concentrating on internal projects, our CRO team was responsible for running all the extensive, iterative experimentation projects, and figuring out the best optimization treatments for the site.

The majority of Impact Dog Crates’ traffic was coming from mobile devices, and yet that kind of traffic had a lower conversion rate as compared to desktop. Knowing this, our CRO team had to find and fix the weakest spots that were leaking money and to identify the biggest potential gains in both desktop and mobile sites.


  • Comprehensive conversion audit to Identify and prioritize conversion issues
  • Comprehensive user behavioral research to understand user motivations
  • Comprehensive data analysis and analytics configuration to track users’s activity on the site
  • Identify and run experiments on different parts of the site to improve conversion rates, average order value, and revenue per visitor
  • Design, develop, and run AB experiments so as to improve conversions both on mobile and desktop.
  • Track & report results on weekly basis to the team


We deployed a team that consisted of a strategist lead, Senior CRO Specialist, Senior UX Designer, Senior Frontend Developer, and an analytics Specialist.

Using our SHIP optimization process, our team started by running a combination of user research and data analysis. Within the first month, the team had identified close to 120 conversion issues on the site.

In addition, the team identified several new revenue and innovation opportunities for Impact Dog Crates. Outside of the UX/CRO issues, the team paid particular attention to Impact’s content and email marketing efforts.

The team ranked the issues using our prioritization framework to determine which issues will have the most impact on the bottom line while requiring the least amount of effort.

Having mapped out the exact testing landscape, we launched 2 to 4 experiments every month to figure out which optimization treatment would work best for the site.

Our team conducted weekly status meetings to keep the Impact Dog Crate team updated about the status of the different experiments, discuss new testing plans, and receive feedback on the current work.



The team designed a widget on the category pages to funnel visitors to the crate depending on the exact problem they were facing with the dogs. This issue was an innovative opportunity identified after conducting JTBD interviews with the purchasers of the product.

Additionally, the product pages were designed to better inform the visitors of all the features and the emotional benefit they would achieve after purchasing the crate.

The team worked on all pages across the site, working through the prioritization document they had compiled at the beginning of the process.

Overall, The project delivered at a 30% conversion rate and which was translated to a direct increase in revenue.