Z Gallerie

We secured a 4x ROI within the engagement’s first week. I never saw returns like that before




Z Gallerie is an American chain of stylish home furnishing, art and decor retail stores founded by siblings in California in 1979. The retailer was acquired by Brentwood Associates Private Equity in 2014. The brand is now headquartered in Los Angeles, California with an additional buying office in Berkeley, California.


  • Replatforming project that cost a lot of money and prevented releasing new features on the current site.
  • Although majority of the traffic was coming to the site on mobile devices, mobile conversion rates were significantly lower compared to desktop
  • Busy development team that was consumed by the platform upgrade and did not have time to work on improving the site.
  • The marketing & development teams did not have background in running experiments.
  • Needed to make a big impact quickly to justify any investment in CRO work.


Z Gallerie was involved in a lengthy project to migrate their platform from an old technology to Magento. The project was costly and was consuming development resources.

Kerem Ozkay, the VP of marketing, knew that waiting for the project to finish before improving the site revenue was costing them millions of dollars. The holiday season was approaching where black Friday and Cyber Monday accounted for a large portion of the company sales.

“I absorbed a three-year website re-platform project and decided not to move it forward. We sought another e-commerce platform but also wanted to make changes. As the holiday season approached, we needed a partner to enhance the website too.”

Kerem Ozkay,

VP of marketing

Prior to hiring Invesp, Z Gallerie did not conduct any type of experimentation. Although the site received a large number of monthly visitors, its conversion rate was low. The majority of the site traffic was coming through mobile devices. Yet, mobile conversion rates and revenue were about 30% of the desktop rates.


  • Comprehensive conversion audit to Identify and prioritize conversion issues
  • Comprehensive user behavioral research to understand user motivations
  • Comprehensive data analysis and analytics configuration to track users’s activity on the site
  • Identify and run experiments on different parts of the site to improve conversion rates, average order value, and revenue per visitor
  • Design, develop and run AB experiments on the site
  • Track & report results on weekly basis to the team


Z Gallerie hired Invesp one week before black Friday, 2018.

Our team for the project included a strategic lead, a senior CRO specialist, senior UX designer and a frontend developer.

“Their strategic lead was fantastic and kept us on track. She also effectively delivered both positive and negative feedback to folks on my side.”

Kerem Ozkay,

VP of marketing

During the first two weeks of the engagement, the team focused on the improving conversion rates for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns.

After the end of the promotional campaigns, the team conducted a detailed conversion rate audit to identify conversion issues on the site. The audit included running expert reviews, user research, data analysis and usability testing.

By the detailed conversion audit, the team identified close to 150 conversion issues on the site. In addition, the team identified several new revenue and innovative opportunities for Z Gallerie.

The team ranked the issues using our prioritization framework to determine which issues will have the most impact on the bottom line but requires the least amount of effort.

With the prioritized list of items ready, we started running anywhere from 4 to 10 experiments per month on the site.

Our team conducted weekly status meetings to keep Z Gallerie updated about the status of the different experiments, discuss new testing plans, and receive feedback on the current work.


The project launched with high expectations. The site had not changed in few months due to the platforming project.

Invesp delivered a 66% success rate on all experiments that ran on the site.

“During Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, they-Invesp- provided significant uplift. Over the prior six months, we fell within 2% of our projections for our revenue goals. By implementing their technology, we boosted those projections by 17%. As it was the largest volume weekend of the year, we secured a 4x ROI within the engagement’s first week. I never saw returns like that before.”

Kerem Ozkay,

VP of marketing

Invesp delivered a 55% uplift in conversion rates within 8 months of working with Z Gallerie.

“I found their honesty to be their most impressive characteristic. They were honest about their services and what we should test to actually make a difference on our website.”

Kerem Ozkay,

VP of marketing
Any advice for potential customers?

Listen to the type of CRO that Invesp discusses. It’s not a traditional CRO solution. It involves the customer experience, and there’s no formula for that. They have to test their way to that solution. You’ll also have to give them feedback on what feels right to your brand.