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Conversion Rate Audit: Getting Started with CRO

Experts agree: CRO is essential. And testing proves it. Conversion optimization ranks "crucial" among 89% of marketers polled. And more than 60% of existing companies conduct some form of testing on their websites. Despite its importance, many companies are not using CRO to full advantage. Either they have doubts about what it can do for their online presence or they have simply failed to allocate resources to optimization. Our Conversion Rate Audit shows why you cannot afford to take a passive approach.

The Invesp team represents more than 35 years of combined industry experience. Working in 11 countries, we've delivered more than 400 successful CRO projects during the past decade.

Invesp Conversion Rate Audit:

…jumpstarts your conversion optimization plan

…ensures a solid foundation for your entire online marketing effort - including deeper CRO work, SEO, and PPC campaigns

…provides information used by development teams, business owners, marketing professionals, editorial teams and other CRO decision-makers

…addresses negative influences on your site - including trust and confidence signals, persona interaction, FUDs, incentives, visitor buying stages and engagement

What to Expect From Your CRO Audit

We are sensitive to technical limitations, so our goal is to provide recommendations easily converted to tickets for your development team. Your audit includes:

  • Expert review of your website and analytics
  • One-on-one consultation with CRO expert to discuss analysis of your site
  • An optimization roadmap for your web pages
  • A list of actionable items focused on getting positive results with minimal investment


The Process…

Our goal is to identify problem areas and devise fast, effective solutions for your site. First, our experts examine website analytics and conduct several usability assessments. Then, The Conversion Framework is used to evaluate selected pages by means of 350 unique points of analysis. Once the review has been completed, we'll discuss the findings with you in a 45-minute interactive session.

Best practices and usability principles are at the heart of the analysis, which focuses on providing the highest possible return on investment. During consultation, we'll discuss a unique conversion optimization roadmap designed exclusively for your website. The recommendations help identify site weaknesses and the best ways to correct them. Our team's extensive experience in architecture, implementation and optimization leads to actionable insights you can implement immediately.

To make the most of your audit, follow-through with Landing Page Optimization and our Full Website Conversion Optimization services.


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