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    One of the key elements to making conversion optimization successful is the flexibility to test and always test. However, implementing even the simplest of tests took time and resources. At Invesp we were well aware of this issue, so we developed: Pii Test Engine. Pii Test Engine provides a comprehensive set of tools to make testing easy for even those with little to no technical skills.  Time, resource allocation, and technical knowledge become straight forward when creating a test on various platforms using Pii Test Engine. There are four easy steps to follow creating a test:

    Step 1: Type the URL
    Create the AB TEST by entering the website URL in the text field (amazon example in shown in the image) and then click on the “Create A Test” button to move onto the next step.

    Example 1

    Step 2: Visual Editor
    The Visual Editor is designed to enable anyone to use it with ease. You can see the option in the menu with selected element highlighted on top. You have options such as Edit, Add, Move, Copy and Move, Remove, Hide, Change Style, Resize, and many more.

    Example 2

    In the example above, I clicked on first “Add Element” in the visual editor. I then highlighted the Free Express Shipping With Membership Banner on the top right corner of the page. Once that is done a menu will appear with many different selections to change this element.

    Let’s suppose you want to change the tagline from “FREE Express Shipping” to “Free Shipping on All Order.” I would just need to click on the text I’d like to change (at an element level) and select “Edit” option from the menu and change the text to whatever you want in the editor box as show in image below.

    Example 3

    You can also name the change you have made and it will appear under “List of Elements” title in the bottom right box.

    One of the great features on the visual editor is to style the element without having CSS knowledge as show in image below. You can change the font color, size, background, margins, padding and layout position.

    Example 4

    You are not limited to perform the changes listed in the menu options provided by Pii Test Engine. If you have a programmer,  you can go beyond the options provided by clicking on the “Add JavaScript/CSS” button at bottom right box. It will open up a popup with text area where you can write the JavaScript or CSS.

    You can Undo/Redo the changes by clicking on Undo/Redo button at the top. Furthermore the history of changes shows on right bottom box under List of Elements heading. You can delete the specific element too.

    Example 5

    Once you have made the changes you can set the name of your changed variation page as I did above and named it “tagline color change” in above example.

    3M Results

    When all the variations have been created you want to test you can proceed to third step by clicking on “Proceed to Next Step” blue button at top.

    Step 3: List the conversion goal of this test
    Of course, our opininon is prior to starting you should have designed and determined the goals for the test. Simply put, this is where you decide what you’d like to measure. The goal could be clicking on CTA (e.g. Add to Cart) button, lowering bounce rate, measuring RPV.

    Step 4: List test details
    This is the fourth and final step and where you the test name, and download the TestEngine code that you have to put in the <head>….</head> section before the closing </head> head tag.

    Example 6

    stop CRO frustrations

    By clicking on the Advance Settings, you can divide the % of the traffic you want to assign for this test. You can also determine visitor type (All, repeated, new visitors), source type (All, organic, direct etc), and on which platform you want to run the test.(e.g. Windows, iPhone, Android, Mac, Linux, etc ).

    Testing for results and increased conversion had now advanced to a put where anyone can do it, with little resources required. Of course, we do recommend that following our process will help you design winning tests.

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