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  • 8 Ways You Can Tweak Your Microcopy To Boost Your Conversion Rates

    a blog image of a progression arrow with diagrams of bulbs, the human mind, signifying an increase in conversions.

    “No credit card required.”

    “Never shared, never spammed.”

    “Change your profile whenever”

    These are some great examples of microcopy. They are short, to the point, and placed right where they will be seen by tons of users.

    When done right, microcopy can persuade customers, clear doubts and reassure users of your product’s value.

    In this post, I’m going to show you 8 ways you can use microcopy to boost your site’s conversion rates.

    What is microcopy?

    In a nutshell, microcopy is any small bit of text/copy that helps address user concerns, clarify product value, or convince customers.

    This, for example,

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  • How to Write Web Copy that Sells Even if You’ve Never Written Anything – Part 3: Body Copy

    a screenshot of Invesp’s former homepage with highlights on the body copy and why it’s effective

    It seems odd that we’ve gone through two posts about how to write web copy that sells and, so far, all we’ve written may be a few headlines. But fear not, after following the steps in Part 1 – Preparation and Part 2 – The Headline you now have a clear idea of the direction your copy needs to take and what it needs to do, including:

    Focus on the conversion goal of the page Speak to your target audience Address them where they are in the buying cycle Highlight the benefits of your offer Use keywords and/or keyphrases Have

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  • Writing Effective Headlines – How to Write Web Copy that Sells

    Writing effective headlines to improve conversion rate

    If you’ve skipped to Part 2 of this series because all you’re really looking for are quick tips to help your web copywriting, and you’re all “yeah, yeah, yeah” about the Preparation steps outlined in Part 1, please at least scan Part 1: Preparation.

    Whether it’s for a web page, a landing page, an email – any digital marketing copy – even if you write the world’s most amazing copy ever, if it doesn’t meet the criteria set out in Part 1, the effort could easily be wasted.

    For businesses, great web copy must be more than good writing. It must

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  • 5 Effective Tips To Prepare For Writing Effective Web Copy For Your Website

    five effective tips for writing effective website copy

    “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
    Ernest Hemingway

    It’s the strangest thing. It seems that no one likes likes to write. Not even writers.

    Unfortunately, if you’re an online business owner, digital marketer or web developer, you’re at a bad point in history to not like writing. You’ll probably scream if you read “content is king” one more time (sorry, I guess you just did), but it’s true, and your web rankings seem to hinge on how many well-written blog posts you have.

    What Stands Between You and Writing Web Copy

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  • 5 Copywriting Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

    It’s time to get down to business. Through one or more of your marketing channels, your customer has entered your sales funnel and arrived on your landing page. It took a lot of “heavy lifting” to get them here and now your challenge is to justify the effort by getting them to convert.

    If you leave anything to chance, you’re letting yourself down.

    Every element of your page has a role to play (if one doesn’t, get rid of it), each one is very important and together they combine to foster conversions. But none of them are more important than

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  • 3 Important Elements Of An Effective Ad Copy And Benefits Of Good Ad Copy

    It’s often the single, tenuous bridge between your landing pages and all the potential customers searching online for products and services like yours.

    How it’s written affects your ranking in paid search results and cost per clicks.

    Even if they think it’s really important, PPC ad copy is far more important than most people realize. Seemingly minor differences in the copy can be the tipping point between a very successful campaign and wasting your PPC budget.

    Basic Benefits of Good Ad Copy

    (While you can run paid ads on a number of different platforms, including major search engines and many

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  • Why Your Sales Copy Gets Ignored and How to Fix It

    A member of my Authority Blogger forum asked how to increase the perceived value of her ebooks, and why people did not want to buy.

    “people will never want to pay for it. This ebook I wrote does not feel like it is worth $39.90 to me or $19.90 or whatever. How could I make it worth that?”

    Creating copy that attracts interest and generates sales actually has many misconceptions, wrong thinking that could be killing your conversions …

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  • 5 Effective Copywriting Tips To Convert Visitors To Customers

    5 Effective Copywriting Tips To Convert Visitors To Customers

    One of the terrors of written words is that once words are published, you can’t hide. Published words can haunt you FOREVER.

    Even if you pull your copy, someone will have read your words and doubtlessly have made decisions in relation to what he or she read. This person may have decided that your website, had interesting information, continued to read and perhaps, recommended your product or service to a friend. However, the reader may have come to the conclusion that you are a complete idiot and that your website is doomed to a long lasting lack of readership,

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