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  • Top Sales Funnel Software and Sales Funnel Builders for Marketers in 2023

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re running an eCommerce or a B2B business — if you’re running a business, you’ll need a sales funnel. 

    Building a sales funnel is an integral part of a marketing campaign and sales process. A sales funnel is a process of content educating someone until they are eventually encouraged to make a purchase. Sales funnel software is designed to make this process as easy as possible.

    In this post, we’ll break down the best sales funnel software tools and sales funnel builders that marketers and entrepreneurs use to create their marketing funnels and marketing automation sequences.

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  • 7 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier In My Marketing Career

    A content marketing specialist sharing how he got started in conversion rate optimisation and the lessons learned

    It’s been nearly three years since I walked into the world of conversion rate optimization. 

    When I transitioned from journalism to marketing, I had no plan on what to do, how long I’d stay, or how far I’d try to go. 

    I stayed because of the exciting challenges and opportunities.

    So many lessons have been learned. So many mistakes have been made. So many victories have been celebrated. 

    You try. You fail. You learn. You grow. You move on. 

    Every single week comes with its own set of challenges. Every win or loss will teach you something new and prepare

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  • Lessons from trying to Grow our Email list by 1000 Subscribers in 3 months

    A conversion rate optimisation expert shares the lesson learned in growing his company’s email list

    It’s very rare for someone to read this blog for the first time and hire us on that same day.

    Instead, when a reader engages our services, this is what typically happens:

    Day 1 – They arrive on the blog via a referral or organic search and read a post or two. They find the posts insightful, view our About and Services pages, and sign up for our newsletter.

    Day 7 – We send them our newsletter sharing some useful insights and tactics. They continue reading our posts.

    Day 14 – We continue sending them insightful content via email. They continue reading our

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  • The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value In eCommerce

    an image of a hand holding gotten seeds that have a lot of value depicting customer lifetime value

    What’s the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of your eCommerce business?

    Or let me rephrase, do you know what your customers are worth to your business?

    I’m sure that many eCommerce marketers can’t answer this question. Not only because CLV is a neglected or often overlooked metric, but also because it can be very difficult to calculate – perhaps this is why there are too many CLV formulas out there.

    Regardless of how complicated CLV is as a metric or concept, if only you knew how vital it is to sales, marketing, and ultimately your business growth, you will always keep

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  • What Causes DTC eCommerce Brands To Fail?

    A cartoon image showing a victor standing on a DTC frame and a sore loser seating down defeated

    It must be nice…

    Having maximum control over everything that has to do with your product.

    I mean who doesn’t want to control their branding, messaging, and of course, the profits that come with it. 

    I assume that this is what most eCommerce founders think before either switching from B2C or B2B to the direct-to-consumer DTC model.

    But if you ask for an honest opinion from those who have been in DTC for a long time, they will tell you that not everything that glitters is gold.

    They will tell you that running a DTC eCommerce brand involves a lot of

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  • How D2C eCommerce Brands Can Engage With Customers

    a shop where account executives of a D2C brand are meeting with their most loyal customers

    While the arrival of the pandemic has been a curse to physical stores, it’s been a blessing in disguise for businesses that sell their products online. 

    ECommerce brands have been experiencing significant gains in the past few months. 

    Companies that didn’t have an online presence and relied heavily on brick-and-mortar or department stores saw a drastic fall in revenues, and they were forced to rethink their omnichannel strategies. 

    But even pre-covid, selling through distributors like Amazon or Walmart or large department stores has always been the traditional way to gain attention to your product. But with the rise of social

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  • 6 Top eCommerce KPIs You Should Monitor For Better Conversions.

    an image of various metrics such as likes, messages, shopping carts that marketers use to track if their business is doing well.

    Disclaimer: This section is a TL;DR of the main article, and it’s for you if you’re not interested in reading the whole article. On the other hand, if you want to read the full blog, just scroll down, and you’ll see the introduction.

    Although eCommerce websites come in different shapes and sizes, there are very real, specific KPIs that every eCommerce website should be setting and monitoring, regardless of size.


    There are many ecommerce KPIs; dozens are vanity metrics and are more distracting than worthwhile. What is An Ecommerce KPI? Ecommerce KPIs are a set of performance measurements that

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  • 6 Post-Purchase Strategies that Improve Customer Experience (with Examples)

    The post-purchase experience in the eCommerce space is totally disjointed. 

    This is because we, as marketers, tend to focus on acquiring new customers, and we often regard the sale as an endpoint. Most of us tend to forget about the customer once they check out. 

    Not even a follow up is done to see what worked well, what worked poorly, and what pain points they still have. 

    That’s definitely a wrong way of doing marketing because there’s so much more to a repeat customer than just the money they give you in exchange for your products or services.

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