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  • How Loyalty Programs Can Set you Apart From your Competition

    How loyalty programs can set you apart from your competition

    Studies conducted by us at Invesp show that acquiring a new customer can cost 5 times more than retaining an existing customer.

    I’m not suggesting that getting new potential customers is bad for business.

    All I’m saying is that a business isn’t sustainable if it doesn’t focus on making its existing customers happy. Existing customers are the oxygen that drives the success of a business. 

    In one of their studies, Adobe found that an existing customer is nine times more likely to purchase than a new lead. 

    So, now, the question here is how do you tap into this recurring

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  • 6 Ideas to Improve Customer Experience Through Your Return Process

    More people are buying online than ever before, and they’re also returning goods more than ever. With UPS reporting a 23% increase in returns during 2021, returns are something customers demand but also a potential place to make or break your relationship. 

    Get the returns process right, and you’ve got a great customer experience that leads to more sales. Get it wrong, and you lose out on that revenue and all the money you’ve spent to acquire those customers. Let’s protect that bottom line with six ways to improve the customer experience during the next return.

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  • How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition for e-Commerce (With Examples)

    Never before have we had so many eCommerce brands. The barrier to entry in the eCommerce space has never been lower. 

    At the same time, the eCommerce failure rate has never been so high. 

    8 out of 10 eCommerce businesses don’t make it. 

    Being able to position themselves differently still remains the most challenging hurdle faced by most eCommerce businesses. 

    This is to say that most eCommerce websites look incredibly similar, not just in design, but in their brand tone and how they communicate. 

    Take two or more eCommerce websites operating in the same industry, remove their logos, and see if you can differentiate

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  • A/B testing on Holidays: Is it Worth it? 

    An image showing an AB test variation to a website visitor trying to take advantage of the website’s holiday offer.

    Disclaimer: This section is a TL;DR of the main article, and it’s for you if you’re not interested in reading the whole article. On the other hand, if you want to read the full blog, just scroll down, and you’ll see the introduction.

    Some online retailers take weeks, while some take months to plan out their holiday strategy. It seems impossible to develop a conversion strategy in a few days, but we did so in 2019 when a client approached us. Seasonal events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday need to be approached thoughtfully, and you need all the customer

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  • CRO or CVO: Which One Has Better ROI?

    A chess board image where a king is being knocked down, trying to depict if conversion rate optimisation is better than CVO

    CRO or CVO, which is better for your eCommerce business?

    Well, it depends.

    There’s no doubt that both CRO and CVO vehicles generate results that have an impact on your bottom line and can drive your business growth.

    But, not all eCommerce companies have a customer lifetime value or conversion problem.

    Knowing when to use each can be the difference between an eCommerce brand that soars or sinks.

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  • Social Commerce: What It Is & What it Isn’t (Examples, Trends & Stats)

    An image carrying Twitter logo, Facebook’s, Spotify, discord and other social channels for social commerce - selling in app

    Social commerce, also known as social selling or social shopping, refers to the practice of buying and selling products or services directly from within a social media platform.

    In 2020, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram all relaunched their social commerce tools with a new emphasis on a streamlined online shopping experience.

    If the very platforms that facilitate such a trend recognize its importance, you can bet it’s worth considering for your ecommerce business.

    Data from eMarketer and Insider Intelligence shows that U.S. retail social commerce sales will reach $36.62 billion in 2021, accounting for 4.3% of total retail ecommerce

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  • 5 Non-obvious Product Pages Tips for Shopify Websites

    An image of a shopify screen on a mobile device and the ways conversion optimization can help improve the product page

    The eCommerce wave is still unfolding. 

    This year, the US eCommerce revenue is expected to reach 469.2 billion dollars. 

    And, next year it’s projected to go above 500 billion dollars. 

    Global retail eCommerce sales are more likely to reach 4.921 trillion dollars by year-end. 

    Looking at those figures, you’d be forgiven for thinking that success in the eCommerce space is guaranteed. 

    But, you’d be wrong. 

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  • 5 Benefits of Selling Direct to Consumer (DTC, D2C) 

    In the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the world of retail.

    Commerce, as we knew it 10 years ago, is different from what we are seeing today. 

    If you’re as observant as we are, you probably noticed that many brands have been changing their business models. 

    Going from the traditional retail sales model to direct to consumer (DTC or D2C). Many theories explain why this change has occurred. 

    Some experts say brands are switching to DTC because they want to maximize their profits. 

    Others say it’s the internet that has eradicated the need for middlemen. 

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