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  • How to Build a Brand Community from Scratch

    A webinar picture explaining how to build a brand community from the scratch to have raving loyal fans.

    Big companies can outspend you. Competitors can enter the market. Your product can be replicated.

    ​But if your marketing or business strategy is centered around a brand community, you don’t lose sleep – because how you do your thing becomes more important than what you do.

    One of the best things you can do for your brand is to build a community. I really like how Greg Isenberg demonstrates the value of a community vs. and audience:

    A brand community is a group of customers who are brought together by their collective interest in a brand’s products, services, or values

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  • How To Write Landing Pages That Convert Cold Traffic

    Webinar image with Invespcro CEO Khalid Saleh on how to write landing pages that convert on cold traffic

    Most cold traffic landing pages struggle to convert (and convert well).

    ​But it’s not because of your offer. Or the jaw-dropping design of your landing page.

    ​It’s because your readers don’t know yet who you are or why they should believe what you’re telling them.

    ​The real key to getting ice-cold readers to convert?

    ​It’s in creating a deep connection with them in the first few seconds they land on your page. And then holding that connection all the way through until they convert.

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  • Radical Differentiation: 5 Key Steps to Improving Conversions

    free live session image of Invespcro CEO Khalid Salehon five steps to improve conversions

    When it comes to marketing, you’re often told that your brand story, copy, customer experience & customer service can help increase your conversions.

    That’s true. But to increase your conversions, those elements have to stand out. 

    This means that you can have a good brand story, copy, customer experience, and still have a low conversion rate.

    In a world where your customers are flooded with content and options, your customers will only choose your products or services if they are stand out from the crowd. 

    Marketers are well-aware that differentiation is essential. But they don’t show you HOW to do

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  • Revenue Marketing: Strategies you can use to close small and large deals

    a webinar image featuring Invesp ceo Khalid Saleh on revenue generation and closing big and small accounts.

    At the beginning of every year or quarter, we set targets and goals for Invesp’s revenue. 

    Almost every company has revenue goals and revenue plans – but that doesn’t guarantee success. 

    Setting revenue targets is something that anyone can do.

    It’s that easy.

    The hardest part of revenue marketing is breathing life into that revenue and making it manifest. 

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  • The Mighty Product Page: Rethinking Product Descriptions

    a webinar image featuring Invesp ceo Khalid Saleh having a discussion on how to design a content engine

    When was the last time you fundamentally worked on the copy of your best selling product page?

    For an eCommerce site, the product page is the most important page, and the product description is the most important element within it.

    This is where we convince and convert a new buyer.

    For as long as I’ve been in the marketing trenches I’ve NEVER thought about testing a product page copy.

    The reason?

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  • Designing A Content Engine: How To Create & Distribute To Drive Results

    Do you know that if you were able to stack all of the content that is being created every single week, you will actually be able to circle the earth 222 times?

    Yes, the digital marketing space is jam-packed with content.

    Relying on SEO for traffic might just be one way of shooting yourself in the foot.

    Did you just ask, why?

    Well, making your content rank is getting harder than ever before – and even if you do rank, Google can change the rules anytime and you’ll be back on square one.

    The secret ingredient to a successful content

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  • Post COVID-19 era: What Growth Teams need to look at in the next 3 months

    an image of invespcro CEO Khalid Saleh talking on post covid strategies for growth teams

    How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

    Tell you what, some of our clients saw incredible growth – conversions and transactions increased by up to 300% – but some of them struggled as their sales dropped by 20% to 40%. There’s no denying that the pandemic has had an enduring impact on different industries.

    But when the economy revs up again, some companies will struggle while others will excel.

    The reason?

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  • Stop Listening To The Customer

    an image of invespcro ceo Khalid Saleh talking about why businesses should stop listening to their customers.

    Stop listening to the customer. 

    I know it sounds odd coming from a Conversion Optimization company, doesn’t it? 

    But before you judge us – what if we probably have a good reason? 

    In today’s data-driven world we are at risk of following everything that is said by the customer and taking our attention off our companies most valuable asset – our brand.

    The point here is, the more you listen to the customer, the more you listen to the category needs, not your particular brand needs. 

    Most companies end up drowning in a sea of sameness, just by listening to

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