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Maria Volkova

Maria Volkova

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When we first started the Invesp Blog back in 2006, we never imagined how the industry will change in 10 years. But here we are. We did not typically accept guest posts except for rare occasions, although we get anywhere from 5 to 10 requests per week.

Why write for Invesp?

The Invesp blog is one of oldest CRO blogs in the industry.

Our posts are sent to the loyal email list of 25,000 subscribers (as of March 2016). Our readers include top C-level executives from top ecommerce companies, directors or marketing that manage millions of dollars, marketing experts and small business owners.

When your post appears on the Invesp blog, you will share your knowledge with both leaders of the online marketing community as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Invesp Blog accepts articles from all kinds of marketing experts and writers. However, it is highly preferable that you first pitch your idea by sending an email to

When you submit a full article, please stick to the following guidelines:

1. General guidelines

  • Keep your articles professional and respectful to the reader. If published, your article will be read by extremely busy marketing professionals who want to find out something new and useful for their job rather than spend their valuable time for another piece of text with opinionated, watery and basic statements.
  • We do NOT accept:
    • Previously published content, so please submit your own original work.
    • Posts covering topics which already covered on the blog.
    • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful insights.
    • Promotional posts for your company or organization.
    • Offensive or inaccurate posts.

2. Blog audience

When writing an article think of the two reader segment we have:

  • Directors and managers of online marketing: This segment represents about 20% of our readership. They are interested in strategy focused articles.
  • Marketers/small business owners: This segment represents about 80% of our readership. They are interested in tactical articles.

Posts must provide useful information to either segment.

3. Topic requirements

You article should be well-researched and have in-depth and actionable insights into the following topics that usually do very well in our blog:

  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce (with a focus on CRO)
  • Usability

4. Copy requirements

  • The minimal size of the article is 2,000 words. Posts that are 3,000+ words have a better chance of getting published.
  • Your article should have an introduction, or brief description of the article contents.
  • Your article should have a conclusion or takeaways.
  • The article you are going to submit should be:
    • well-written, thus without abusing passive voice, obvious grammar mistakes and typos;
    • well-readable, meaning it should have sub-headlines, bullet-pointed lists and be broken down into paragraphs that are no longer than 6 lines.
  • Use links to prove you statements or any data you use in the articles. Please refer only to reliable sources.
  • Articles should have at least 5 images or other visual aid like diagrams or charts.
  • Please observe all copyrights regarding the images: obtain permissions for use and cite the source.
  • Highlight two to three key ideas of your article as quotes (list them separately after the article).
  • Include a short bio (60 words maximum) and your picture. Your bio can include two links to your website (do-follow).

 What will happen after you submit an article to us?

  • It may take us several weeks to review your article, so do not expect us to contact you immediately after we receive your article.
  • In case we like your article, we will contact you.
  • If we think that there is still place for improvement in your article, we will send you our suggestions. We limit article reviews to third rounds to speed up the process.

If you have any questions, please address them to


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Maria Volkova

Maria Volkova

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