10 Ways to Encourage Prospects to Take Action

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

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We write sales pages and landing pages with the aim of getting visitors to take action. How can we get more conversions with less hassle? Here are ten ways …

In my last post I wrote about ways that you can get inside your prospect’s head. Once you have an insight into how your prospects think, next we need to use those insights as psychological triggers to push them into taking action:

  1. Elevate Problems – Remind them of their problem and that they can have the solution if they only take action. Use the same wording that they would use.
  2. Get agreement – Get prospects to agree mentally, through action or verbally. Go through all the learnings from your insights so that you know that they will be on common ground.
  3. Scarcity – We want what is going to be taken away, so build an idea of scarcity.
  4. Social Proof – People are herd animals. They often don’t want to be the first. Show others have taken the step before. Use testimonials, case studies and big numbers.
  5. Reward behavior – Every time a prospect takes a step, big or small, find a way to praise, thank and reward them. Hand-written notes work very well for big ticket items for a personal touch.
  6. Remove choice – Too many choices is confusing, trim choices back and you will get more action
  7. Value comparison – If you give two choices, one basic and one premium, you will sell more overall
  8. Encourage reciprocity – Offer something for free. Remember though that by offering something for free you lower that items perceived value, so while bonuses need to be valuable in order to do their job well, do not try to sell a bonus after giving it away.
  9. Give clear instructions – Give clear action steps so there is no confusion about what is expected.
  10. Tell them why – Don’t just tell them what to do and why they should do it. Relate back to the problems and agreements, this maintains consistency and your prospect is much more likely to want to follow through.

Notice as you go around in your day to day business where other people use these exact approaches on you, and how well they work when done correctly!

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Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

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