Augmented Reality in E-commerce – Statistics and Trends

Lisa Ross

Lisa Ross

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Augmented Reality in E-commerce allows customers to preview products or experience services in their normal lives before buying. Using Augmented Reality, customers can preview products and be more likely to pick the right product the first time. Check out our infographic “Augmented Reality in E-commerce” to know how augmented reality is improving the experiences of online customers and how e-commerce businesses can increase their online business by implementing augmented reality on e-commerce websites.

Augmented Reality in E-commerce – Statistics and Trends

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Augmented reality spending is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2020

61% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that offer augmented reality technology

63% of customers say augmented reality would improve their shopping experience

35% say augmented reality would make them shop online more often

22% say they’d patronize brick-and-mortar stores less if augmented reality is available on more e-commerce sites

77% of customers prefer to use augmented reality capabilities to preview product variations such as color or style differences

40% of customers consent to pay a higher price for any products they were allowed to preview by augmented reality

45% of customers said augmented reality features save their time to make a decision

78% of people who’ve experienced augmented reality actively prefer these virtual experiences over video content

29% of consumers say that they would prefer to use augmented reality to view the product before they purchase it, while 51% consumers feel that retailers are failing to take full advantage of augmented reality

70% of consumers are expected to be more loyal to brands incorporating augmented reality as part of their shopping experience

73% of mobile AR users reported either high or very high satisfaction with mobile Augmented Reality experiences

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Lisa Ross

Lisa Ross

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