• Millennial Online Shopping Habits – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    an infographic on millennial online shopping habits, trends and statistics

    Did you know that millennials now make more than 54% of their purchases online? Also, did you know that millennial spending in the US is estimated to account for 30% of total retail sales by 2020? Check out our infographic “Millennial Online Shopping Habits” for latest millennial online spending habits and trends.

    Millennial online shopping – Statistics and Trends

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    67% of Millennials prefer to shop online rather than in-store

    81.3% of millennials said they shop online at least once a month

    45% of millennials admitted they prefer buying online because they can run comparisons on products and prices

    Eight out of 10 millennials never buy anything without first reading a review

    95.1% of millennials admit to impulse shopping

    83% of Millennials are not concerned about security while online shopping

    40% of millennials have used voice search before making a purchase online

    More than 53% of millennials prefer to seek out details online rather than talk to store staff when they are in a shop

    79% of millennials said they had purchased something from Amazon.com within the past month

    61% of the millennial find it easier to chat to a retailer via digital communication channels such as text, online chat or messaging applications as opposed to visiting a physical location

    The estimated frequency with which US millennial users use coupons when shopping online

    Frequency %age
    Always 12%
    Very Often 21%
    Often 19%
    Sometimes 32%
    Never 16%



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