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  • Google Analytics: Recency and Frequency and MCF Reports

    Quick questions: Do you know who your most loyal customers are? And do you have a crystal clear idea about how your conversions are taking place? 

    As a marketer, you want to increase your conversion rate.

    But in order to do so, you must understand your audience better and track your conversion.  

    The good news is you can accomplish both by looking at the Google Analytics dashboard. Google Analytics offers two reports: (1) Multi-channel function (MCF) and (2) Recency and Frequency. With these two you can see your whole conversion path,  interactions between channels, and the visiting behaviors of your

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  • The State of Fake Reviews – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    Fake reviews statistics and trends

    Did you know that 54% of consumers would not buy a product if they suspected it to have fake reviews whereas 95% of consumers suspect censorship or faked reviews when they don’t see bad scores. The number of fake reviews are growing with more and more businesses using fake reviews to promote their products or services or to negatively impact the rating of products and services of competitors. Check out our infographic “The State of Fake Reviews” for latest fake reviews statistics and trends.


    Infographic by- Invesp Conversion

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  • The State Of Supply Chain Management – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    Ecommerce supply chain managment

    Did you know that 79% of companies with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth greater than the average within their industries whereas business with optimized supply chains have 15% lower supply chain costs , less than 50% of inventory holdings and 3X faster cash to cash cycles. Check out our infographic “The State of E-commerce supply chain management”  for latest statistics and trends.


    Infographic by- Invesp Conversion Rate Optimization

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    Infographic by- Invesp Conversion Rate

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  • The Rise of E-commerce Subscription Model And Services – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    Ecommerce subscription model statistics and trends

    Did you know than more than half of online shoppers (54%) have subscribed to a e-commerce subscription box service whereas about 15% of online shoppers have subscribed to an e-commerce subscription service within the past year. The e-commerce subscription model is growing at high rate with more and more e-commerce companies now offering subscription based services to their consumers according to their requirements. Check out our infographic “The Rise of E-commerce Subscripton Model” for latest e-commerce subscription statistics and trends.


    Infographic by- Invesp E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization


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  • The Rise Of Direct To Consumer (D2C) Brands – Statistics and Trends

    The rise of Direct to consumer brands

    Did you know that over a third of consumers have reported that they bought directly from a manufacturer’s website in the last year and 78% of Direct to consumer (DTC) brands increased their marketing budget compared to 60% of traditional retailers ? Direct to consumer brands are growing at fast pace as it has become easier for brands to connect directly with their customers and more consumers prefer to buy directly from manufacturer website. Check out our infographic “The Rise Of Direct To Consumer (D2C) Brands ” for latest D2C brands and customers statistics and trends.

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  • How To Connect With Users Emotionally

    Let’s start with some customer loyalty stats

    65% of business comes from existing customers  Repeat customers spend 33% more.  The cost of getting new customers is five times higher than retaining old ones. 

    It’s a great thing to have your customers come back for more. 

    Unfortunately, gaining their loyalty isn’t easy.

    Nowadays, choices are overflowing, and customers are getting pickier.  77% of brands could disappear, and customers wouldn’t bat an eyelash.  One-third of millennials won’t hesitate to drop a brand like a hot potato if it doesn’t meet their expectations. 

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  • Augmented Reality in E-commerce – Statistics and Trends

    Augmented Reality in E-commerce

    Augmented Reality in E-commerce allows customers to preview products or experience services in their normal lives before buying. Using Augmented Reality, customers can preview products and be more likely to pick the right product the first time. Check out our infographic “Augmented Reality in E-commerce” to know how augmented reality is improving the experiences of online customers and how e-commerce businesses can increase their online business by implementing augmented reality on e-commerce websites.


    Infographic by- Conversion Rate Optimization Services By Invesp

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  • Road Map to Effective Online Personalization: A Complete Guide To Create Online Personalized Experience

    Marketers have shifted their focus from the “one-size-fits-all” approach to being more personal. 

    Personalization, Especially online personalization, is a medium effort, high return game. According to Gartner, by 2020 companies with the right personalization strategy would see a 15% rise in their revenue. On top of that, 48% of customers expect special treatment from the brands they purchase from. 

    However, creating the right online personalization requires solid planning and execution. Do it wrong and your customers would avoid you like the plague. In 2017, US brands lost $756 B because of customer mistrust thanks to poor personalization.  

    So, In this

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