• Online Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior

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    More than half (62%) of US consumers with Internet access now shop online at least once a month. More than 8 in 10 people (83%) are satisfied overall with their online shopping experiences. Check out our new infographic titled, “Online Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior” to know more about buying habits of online consumers and latest online shopping trends.

    Online Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior – Statistics and Trends

    Infographic by- Invesp conversion rate optimization

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    Consumer Satisfaction Levels With Different Aspects Of Online Shopping

    Reasons %age
    Ease of checkout81%
    Variety of brands and products offered80%
    Number of shopping options offered73%
    Number of payment options available71%
    Free or discounted shipping69%
    Ease of making returns and exchanges62%
    Ability to purchase through a tablet application61%
    Ability to contact a live customer service rep58%
    Ability to purchase through a smartphone application55%


    80% of surveyed consumers are more likely to purchase a product online when offered free shipping

    64% of consumers are more likely to purchase when offered free returns and exchanges

    How Consumers Use Their Shopping Carts

    Loading up their carts with an aim to purchase58%
    Using their shopping carts as wish lists19%
    Load up their carts until they qualify for, or receive free shipping privileges13%
    Abandon carts if the purchase decision falls through (this happens more often than an outright purchase)11%


    36% of online shoppers say they spend time to find out which site stocks their desired item at the lowest price.

    50% of surveyed online shoppers use their smartphones and nearly 60% use their tablets to make purchases

    33% used coupons provided by online merchants for their purchases

    78% of online shoppers don’t look at a product in a store before buying it online

    31% expect to spend more on online shopping than they did in the previous month

    Time Spent On Retail Sites By Device

      Device %age of total time spent


    84% of online shoppers refer to at least one social media sitefor recommendations before shopping online

    60% of online shoppers like to receive an incentive or promotion from a brand before shopping

    Social Media Sites Studied Before Making A Purchase

    FigPii Heatmaps
    Social networking site %age Of Shoppers
    Google Plus17%


    The Most Purchased Products Online

    Product Category %age
    Consumer electronics69%
    Clothing and apparel63%
    Household goods38%
    Office supplies30%
    Consumer packaged goods28%
    Sporting goods20%
    Pet supplies20%
    Food & groceries20%

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