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  • The Mighty Product Page: Rethinking Product Descriptions

    a webinar image featuring Invesp ceo Khalid Saleh having a discussion on how to design a content engine

    When was the last time you fundamentally worked on the copy of your best selling product page?

    For an eCommerce site, the product page is the most important page, and the product description is the most important element within it.

    This is where we convince and convert a new buyer.

    For as long as I’ve been in the marketing trenches I’ve NEVER thought about testing a product page copy.

    The reason?

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  • Post COVID-19 era: What Growth Teams need to look at in the next 3 months

    an image of invespcro CEO Khalid Saleh talking on post covid strategies for growth teams

    How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

    Tell you what, some of our clients saw incredible growth – conversions and transactions increased by up to 300% – but some of them struggled as their sales dropped by 20% to 40%. There’s no denying that the pandemic has had an enduring impact on different industries.

    But when the economy revs up again, some companies will struggle while others will excel.

    The reason?

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  • Stop Listening To The Customer

    an image of invespcro ceo Khalid Saleh talking about why businesses should stop listening to their customers.

    Stop listening to the customer. 

    I know it sounds odd coming from a Conversion Optimization company, doesn’t it? 

    But before you judge us – what if we probably have a good reason? 

    In today’s data-driven world we are at risk of following everything that is said by the customer and taking our attention off our companies most valuable asset – our brand.

    The point here is, the more you listen to the customer, the more you listen to the category needs, not your particular brand needs. 

    Most companies end up drowning in a sea of sameness, just by listening to

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  • How we tripled user activation rate on FigPii

    an image of an auto button meaning Figpii tripled their user activation on auto pilot

    We did a soft launch for FigPii in late January of this year. But we had a problem!

    Background: Our conversion optimization clients tend to be on the large side. The cost of the experimentation software for these clients is expensive. In 2013, we built FigPii, an internal platform to help clients conduct split testing, heatmaps, video recording, and online polling. The platform is available as part of our consulting work. 

    FigPii was internal for many years, but more and more clients were suggesting that we need to make it available to the public. 

    Fast forward to 1/22/2020 – FigPii

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  • Murkier Waters Ahead: Evaluating Marketing Priorities for Growth

    a marketing webinar by Khalid Saleh on how to evaluate marketing priorities for growth.

    How do you achieve the right balance between activities that generate ROI with long-term brand building activities? How do you use past learnings and competitor positioning to make the right strategic decisions?

    These are typical concerns I hear from CMOs and directors of digital marketing on a weekly basis.

    If you think about it, the answers to these questions are not as straightforward as one would imagine – they are sophisticated and thought-provoking.

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  • The Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Conversion Rate Optimization

    an image of a robot seating on two books and reading a third one, learning human behavior

    Disclaimer: This section is a TL;DR of the main article and it’s for you if you’re not interested in reading the whole article. On the other hand, if you want to read the full blog, just scroll down and you’ll see the introduction.

    In his famous book Machine Learning, Tom Mitchell defined ML as “the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience.”  The algorithm learns automatically in a loop, but humans must establish rules for this learning process. When compared to standard statistical modeling, machine learning is time-saving because the data modeler needs to make the improvement her/himself,

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  • How much does it cost to hire a conversion optimization agency?

    an image of differently sized cut diamonds that will be expensive based on their size signaling that CRO agencies are priced differently

    This is perhaps one of the first questions any company thinking about hiring a conversion rate optimization agency thinks about. 

    I get asked that question multiple times every week. 

    I also hear the same question from digital marketing consultants who are thinking about providing conversion optimization services. 

    I understand the question. 

    A conversion optimization agency can have an amazing impact on your bottom line, but at the same time, you have to make sure that you have the budget to pay for that service. 

    Understanding the cost of conversion optimization agencies helps you determine if it is a good fit

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  • What is the impact of a page on the website conversion rate?

    an image of a measuring rule portraying a CRO expert measuring the impact of conversion rate optimization on a page of a website.

    One of the questions you should deal with in conversion rate optimization is the impact a particular page (the homepage for example) or class of pages (product or category pages) on the overall website conversion rate. The answer to that question determines the impact of optimizing that page on your bottom line.

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