• How to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns [Infographic]

    How to Optimize your PPC Campaigns

    Infographic by- Invesp

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    Pay per click (PPC) (also called Cost per click) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. (Wikipedia)

    Benefits of PPC Campaigns

    Instant Traffic
    2/3(64.6%) of clicks for high commercial intent keywords go to paid ads
    Easy to Target specific audience
    45.5% of People couldn’t identify Paid Ads on the search results Page
    Paid Ads for high commercial intent keywords takes up 85.2% above-the-fold pixels.
    Pay only for Performance
    Easy to measure results
    Total Control over Campaign

    Why You Should Optimize your PPC Campaigns

    Reduce cost per click
    To Improve campaign ROI
    To get a higher Click through Rate
    To get better quality score

    20 Steps to optimize your PPC Campaigns

    FigPii Heatmaps

    1. Select Advertising Platform
    2. Define your Goal
    3. Research your Target Audience
    4. Do Proper Keyword Research
    5. Use Negative Keyword Lists
    6. Do Keyword Group Segmentation
    7. Write Killer Ad copy
    8. Have clear Call to Action
    9. Create effective landing page relevant to Ad
    10. Use Geo-Targeting
    11. Test different Ad positions
    12. Test different Ad-Copies and landing Page combinations
    13. Evaluate quality score
    14. Remove Ad copies with low CTR
    15. Remove Non-performing landing pages
    16. Remove keywords with bad quality score
    17. Increase Budget for Top Performing keywords
    18. Identify non-performing Keywords and Pause Them
    19. Optimize your Bid Management Strategies
    20. Optimize your campaign for conversions not Clicks

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