• Social Networking Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    Check our Infographic “Social Networking Statistics and Trends” to understand how social networking grew in 2011. How much time social networking users spent on social media sites? Which countries have to most active social networking users? What were the most shared social media stories of 2011 and Lot more.

    Infographic by- Invesp

    Social Networking - Statistics and Trends

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    There are more than 1.2 Billion Social Networking users in the World.

    82% of World’s online population is on Social networking sites

    Nearly 20% of overall time spent online is spent on Social Networking Sites – i.e. Nearly 1 in every 5 minutes

    Israel has the World’s most active social networking users in world.

    Top 10 Countries with most active Social Networking users

    Countries Average Hours per Visitor (per month)
    Israel 11.1
    Argentina 10.7
    Russia 10.4
    Turkey 10.2
    Chile 9.8
    Philippines 8.7
    Colombia 8.5
    Peru 8.3
    Venezuela 7.9
    Canada 7.7

    Women Spend more time on Social Networking Sites than Men

    Female (Hours Spent per month) Male (Hours Spent per month)
    WorldWide 6.5 5.0
    Latin America 8.2 6.9
    Europe 8.2 6.3
    North America 7.9 6.0
    Asia Pacific 3.3 2.7

    Social Networking Engagement by Age Group

    Age Female (Hours per month) Male (Hours per month)
    55+ 4.9 2.7
    45-54 6.4 3.9
    35-44 5.6 3.9
    25-34 5.8 4.9
    15-24 8.6 7.5

    Countries with Highest Mobile Social Networking Penetration

    FigPii Heatmaps
    Country % of Mobile Audience
    UK 35.4
    US 32.3
    Spain 25.3
    France 22.8
    Italy 22.1
    Japan 20.2
    Germany 17.8


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  1. Avatar Vance Miller says:

    Great infograph, social media speeds up the rate we get information. I was getting social media messages from friends in Japan before the news outlets could even figure out what was going on during the tsunami.

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    use full info and this survey must have took great effort

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