• US Mobile Commerce Sales – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    The US mobile commerce industry is growing. Check out this infographic to know the latest US M-commerce retail sales statistics, along with why consumers prefer mobile shopping, and how much time consumers spend on mobile shopping and much more.

    US Mobile Commerce Sales - Statistics and Trends

    Infographic by- Invesp

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    By 2015, US Mobile commerce retail sales are expected to account for 24% of the total e-commerce sales.

    US M-commerce Retail Sales Statistics(In Billions)

    YearM-commerce Retail SalesUS E-commerce Retail Sales%Age Of Retail E-commerce Sales

    US M-commerce Retail Sales by Device (In Billions)

    Smart phones$9.86$13.44$16.69$20.49$24.32
    Other Mobile Devices$0.94$0.96$1.15$1.37$1.48

    Reasons For Consumer Preference Of Mobile Shopping

    Easy to locate good deals69%
    Can do it on-the-go69%
    Can do while multitasking63%
    Don’t have to wait in line55%

    Consumer Time Spent On Shopping Sub-categories

    Shopping Apps sub-category%age of time spent
    Retailer Apps27%
    Online Marketplace20%
    Purchase Assistant17%
    Price Comparison14%
    Daily Deals13%

    Growth In Consumer Time Spend Across The Top 5 Shopping Sub-Categories In 2012

    Shopping Apps Sub-categoryGrowth In Time Spent
    Retailer Apps525%
    Price Comparison247%
    Purchase Assistant228%
    Online Marketplace178%
    Daily Deals126%

    By 2015, 81% of all U.S. cell phone users will have smartphones.

    62% of smartphone users said they’ve bought physical goods through their mobile devices in the last six months.

    74% of online retailers have already developed, or are currently developing a mobile strategy.

    FigPii Heatmaps

    48% of US retailers have a mobile-optimized website. Out of which, 35% have deployed an iPhone app, while 15% deployed an Android app and 15% deployed an iPad app.

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