• US Online Grocery Shopping – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    an infographic on US online grocery shopping, statistics and trends.

    Did you know that Digital grocery sales in US are estimated to reach $59.5 billion by 2023 from $23.9 billion in 2018. 48% of US grocery shoppers currently purchase at least some of their groceries online and 59% intend to in 2019. 25% of US grocery shoppers plan to shop 40% or more of their grocery shopping online in 2019. Check out our Infographic “The State of US Online Grocery Shopping” for latest statistics and trends.


    US online grocery shopping – Statistics and Trends

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    70% of US shoppers could be buying groceries online by as early as 2022

    Estimated Online E-grocery Market Share in US

    Year E-grocery market share as %age of total grocery Sales
    2017 3.8%
    2018 5.1%
    2019 7.1%
    2020 10%


    US Digital Grocery Shoppers Market Share By Channel

    Channel %age
    Amazon 36%
    Walmart 26%
    Supermarket / Food Store 24%
    Other 14%


    22% of consumers said they shop online for groceries at least once a week

    Online Grocery Shoppers by Gender and Generation

    Gender %age
    Male 51%
    Female 49%


    Generation %age
    Millenials 47%
    Gen X 31%
    Baby Boomers 19%
    Others 4%


    Top Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

    Advantages %age
    Saves time 53%
    More Convenient 50%
    Allows me to get item I can’t find in store 31%
    Saves money 20%
    Provides a wider selection of products 19%
    Can keep stored shopping list and reorder from it 17%
    Knows my preference / Shopping history 15%
    Provides better quality products 8%
    Provides fresher produce 7%

    Top Qualities Online Shoppers look for in Online Grocery Retailer

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    Qualities %age
    Freshness of perishable items 68%
    Affordable everyday prices 67%
    Convenient to use 63%
    Board selection of products 59%
    Openness and honesty 58%
    Helpful customer service 53%
    Ability to save through sales/discount coupons 52%
    Quick access to customer service 51%
    Easy returns process 50%
    Access to detailed product information 48%



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