• Website Teardown Episode One: Diff Eyewear

    A conversion rate optimisation expert’s Ipad showing the breakdown of a website, looking for optimisation opportunities

    For the life of me, I have never seen or heard of a perfect website? 

    I don’t think it exists. 

    Even popular sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter have their own set of imperfections – that’s why they are always in constant change. 

    In fact, in 2018 alone, Google made 3,200 changes on its website. And that number keeps on increasing every year. 

    As long as your website has less than a 100% conversion rate, there’s always room for improvement. 

    Knowing that most eCommerce websites have a 2.86% average conversion rate, it’s an open secret that they all have improvement opportunities – you just have to dig in. 

    Recently, I asked Khalid – who has been doing CRO since 2006 – to do live expert reviews on LinkedIn focusing on eCommerce websites every Thursday. 

    He agreed. 

    And this past Thursday, he did the first website teardown – with Diff Eyewear as the guinea pig.  

    Using the Invesp conversion framework, many conversion bottlenecks/usability issues were identified in about 50 minutes. 

    So, who should watch this website teardown?

    • People in the eCommerce space, 
    • Or anyone who has a site with a conversion rate below 100% is more likely to benefit from this 50 mins teardown. 

    Khalid started by looking at Diff Eyewear’s homepage. Any website homepage has to make a strong first impression in a few seconds because it takes less than 6 seconds for a visitor to make a first impression.

    In fact, according to Ayat:

    Within 3 – 5 seconds a visitor should understand what the site sells, what’s its value, and whether they would want to continue based on that first impression. It’s those initial 5 seconds that site visitors are going to judge the website and make a decision about giving it a chance or not.”

    Looking at the above the fold section of Diff Eyewear’s homepage:
    • What’s your first impression of Diff Eyewear’s homepage above the fold section?
    • What do you think about their logo?
    • What do you think of their top navigation?
    • What makes them stand out from competitors?
    If you’re being honest, you’d see that there’s nothing that says, “this is who we are and this is how we are different.

    To learn more about optimization opportunities that were spotted during this teardown, check out the video of the whole website teardown below 👇🏼

Simbar Dube

Simba Dube is the Growth Marketing Manager at Invesp. He is passionate about marketing strategy, digital marketing, content marketing, and customer experience optimization.

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