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    an infographic on how many of the world population is online

    Did you know that there are around 3.010 billion internet users in this world and the estimated global internet penetration is 42% as compared to 84.2% in US. Around 52.4% of the global online population access internet from their mobile devices and more than half of the global population is estimated to go online using mobile devices by 2020. Check out our infographic, “How Much Of The World Population Is Online” for more statistics and trends.

    How much of world population is online

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    Top 10 Countries by Number of Internet Users

    Country Number of Internet Users
    China 641,601,070
    United States 279,834,232
    India 243,198,922
    Japan 109,252,912
    Brazil 107,822,831
    Russia 84,437,793
    Germany 71,727,551
    Nigeria 67,101,452
    United Kingdom 57,075,826
    France 55,429,382


    Estimated number of social media accounts: 2.078 Billion

    Global social media penetration is 29%, while social media penetration in the US alone – 73%

    Estimated number of active social mobile accounts – 1.685 Billion

    Top 10 Countries By Social Media Penetration

    Country %age
    Singapore 66%
    Hong Kong 64%
    Argentina 60%
    UK 59%
    USA 58%
    Australia 57%
    UAE 56%
    Canada 56%
    Malaysia 55%
    Turkey 52%


    Time spent online by average internet user per day – 4 hours and 25 minutes

    Time spent by average social media user per day – 2 hours and 25 minutes

    Percentage of world population using Facebook – 20%

    Facebook’s number of active users worldwide – 1.42bn

    Average number of Facebook friends of U.S. users aged 18-24 – 649

    Estimated digital buyer penetration worldwide (%age of internet users) – 44.3%

    Top 10 Countries By Ecommerce Penetration

    Country %Age Of Population That Shopped Online
    UK 64%
    Germany 63%
    South Korea 62%
    USA 56%
    Australia 51%
    Canada 49%
    France 49%
    Singapore 46%
    UAE 45%
    Spain 44%


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    Estimated worldwide web sales in 2015 – $1.592 Trillion

    Average Value Of Global Online Shopping Orders By Device (In U.S. Dollars)

        Device Average Value
    Desktop $128.44
    Tablet $110.30
    Smartphone $94.52

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