• Chatbots In Customer Service – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    an infographic on chatbots in customer service, statistics and trends.

    The use of chatbots in customer service industry is growing. According to estimates, more than 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in the past year and around 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020.  40% of consumers do not care whether a chatbot or a real human helps them, as long as they are getting the help they need. Chatbots can save up to 30% in customer support cost and can help businesses save on customer service costs by speeding up response times and answering up to 80% of routine questions. Check out our infographic on chatbots in customer service industry for latest statistics and trends.


    Chatbot Customer Service – Statistics and Trends

    Infographic by- Invesp Landing page Optimization Company

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    34% of executives say the time they freed up using chatbots allows them to focus on deep thinking and creating

    40% of consumers don’t care whether a chatbot or a person answers their customer service questions


    Top benefits of Chatbots according to customers

    24-hour service64%
    Getting an instant response55%
    Getting answers to simple questions55%
    Easy communication51%
    Friendliness and approachability32%


    Top Ways Consumers are using Chatbots

    How consumers are using Chatbots%age
    Getting a quick answer in emergency37%
    Resolving a complaint or problem35%
    Getting Detailed answers35%
    Finding a human customer service34%
    Making a reservation33%
    Paying a bill29%
    Buying a basic item27%
    Getting ideas for purchases22%


    Acceptance of artificial intelligence chatbots by customer (by Industry)

    Online Retail34%
    Financial Advice20%


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