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  • 13 tips that helped us improve a landing page conversions by 25%

    an image of a workshelf that looks so disorganized, depicting a landing page that needs optimization

    Our client creates dance videos that people can pay one time for unlimited access. Customers typically “gifted” this product to their significant other during holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions.

    Our client had a predicament during the February Valentine’s frenzy.

    The majority of the site traffic was coming through Facebook at a decent clickthrough. However, conversions were a dismal 0.5%.

    So, to increase the landing page conversion rate – I looked at ads and landing pages for companies during Valentine’s day.

    Let’s take a look at some of the lessons I learned.

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  • This is how people make decisions (with real life examples)

    a conversion expert resting and thinking on the decisions to make from the result of an A/B test

    There is no such thing as an impulse purchase. 

    Just because something is “inexpensive” doesn’t mean it’s an impulse decision. 

    Just because someone tends to purchase suddenly doesn’t mean they are making those decisions impulsively. 

    They’ve gone through a purchase journey – may be faster than others, but they have. 

    This customer thought that his purchase decision was on impulse – digging deeper, he was ready to make this decision more than anyone else. 

    After speaking to hundreds of customers, I’ve become well versed in understanding how to root out the causality that led to a purchase. It’s

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  • How to Understand and Beat Competitors!

    a webinar banner featuring Ayat Shukairy Invesp CEO on how to understand beat competitors.

    Understanding your competitors – whether you’re just starting out a new venture or you have a deeply rooted business – is key for the success of your business. 

    Competition comes in many forms. It can either be direct or indirect. 

    Direct competitors are those businesses that offer the same products as yours. Indirect competitors do not offer the same products or services like yours, but they target the same group of customers with the goal of satisfying the same need. 

    So if you think about it, the definition of competition should not be restricted to products or services that look

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  • Staying on Brand with Discounts and Promotions

    a cartoon image of a laptop screen with different images for discount, coupon off all in the same colors.

    Disclaimer: This section is a TL;DR of the main article and it’s for you if you’re not interested in reading the whole article. On the other hand, if you want to read the full blog, just scroll down and you’ll see the introduction.

    After many years of working as a CRO professional and with many eCommerce companies, internally, they all operate differently, but to the customer, they’re just copycats of each other. Take two random eCommerce women’s clothing websites, remove their logos, and you can hardly distinguish between the brands. Most e=Commerce companies use price as the main differentiation factor.

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  • What Is More Important: Increasing Website Traffic or Converting Its Existing Traffic?

    So, you are looking for ways to improve your online revenue?

    But you have a limited budget, resources, and your website isn’t generating enough revenue.

    If your online conversions are low, conventional wisdom tells you to bring more people to your site, right?

    The more visitors your website has, the greater the revenue it generates!

    Companies that provide conversion optimization services would disagree with this premise. But, just like many other realities online, the truth is somewhere in between.

    Though bringing more traffic works as well to improve your website revenue, this article will show you why converting current traffic

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  • Understand The Magic of ‘Habit’

    an image of a magic hat and a bunny in the hat representing there’s a magic to habit.

    Image Source: freepik

    We’ve all heard this quote somewhere, sometime in life – Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Some of us also have it pinned to our office desks. If you try and pay a little more attention to detail, you’ll be able to figure out that motivation and habit are very closely linked in the process of ‘achievement’. Motivation is the propeller to habit formation. That motivation is for a ‘variable reward’, a concept that Nir Eyal has beautifully nailed in this book titled ‘Hooked’. That’s conscious habit.

    But to a large

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  • The Reason CRO is FLAWed

    an image of the human brain and the different biases it falls for that affect CRO result

    Image Source: Wikipedia

    Humans are flawed creatures. We conform to a number of biases outlined by the world’s greatest psychologist. Wikipedia has listed 180 biases that impact our everyday decisions.

    This in turn makes our jobs as marketers and optimizers quite tricky. According to social scientists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, you can’t quite overcome your biases. You’ll always fall into them. Tversky died in 1996 and Kahneman went on to win the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics for the work the both of the men did together. His work was summarized in the highly acclaimed and 2011 best

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  • Speaker Diaries: Inbound 2018

    a picture of Invespcro co-founder Ayat Shukairy as a speaker and attendee at INBOUND

    My first experience as a speaker and attendee at the INBOUND18 conference was great. I was taken aback by all the glitz and glamour of such a large show. The lineup of keynotes and spotlight speakers was exciting with names like Beth Comstock, Shonda Rhimes, Reid Hoffman, Deepak Chopra, 2DopeQueens, and A-Rod (no J-Lo did not make a surprise appearance).

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