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    an infographic on Facebook advertising statistics and trends

    What’s driving the top advertising trends on FaceBook? Facebook’s user base keeps growing, despite its huge, ever-growing competition in the social arena. FaceBook is constantly pushing its advertising capabilities, targeting mobile opportunities, using creative formats to appeal to custom audiences. Advertisers around the world have found that FaceBook’s advertising opportunities have proven their worth, time and again. Check out our infographic, “Facebook Advertising Statistics and Trends” to see how Facebook has transformed the world of social advertising.

    Facebook Advertising Statistics and Trends

    Infographic by- conversion rate and landing page optimization company Invesp

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    The estimated number of active FaceBook users per month is 1.39 Billion

    The estimated number of active Facebook mobile users per month is 1.19 Billion

    The average time spent on FaceBook per day per user is 40 minutes

    The Facebook revenue in 2014 was 12.47 billion USD

    FaceBook Revenue In Billions

      YearRevenues ( in Billions)


    FaceBook accounts for more than 9% of digital advertising and 18.4% of the global mobile digital advertising.

    Advertising Revenue by Region

    US & Canada45.98%
    Rest of World11.61%


    92% of social marketers are using FaceBook for advertising.

    More than 30 million businesses now have FaceBook fan pages. Out of this, 19 million businesses have optimized their pages for mobile devices. 1.5 million businesses spend money on mobile advertising

    Businesses are paying 122% more per advertisement unit on FaceBook than they did just a year ago.

    Ad typeQ2,2013 (Global)Q2,2014 (Global)


    Facebook mobile advertising revenue accounts for 62% of total advertising revenue

    Distribution of Ad Targeting by Age Group

    Age GroupMaleFemale
    13-24 years6%7%
    25-34 years9%16%
    35-44 years9%16%
    45-54 years8%13%
    55-65 Years5%10%


    Estimate Cost Per Click By Age Group

    Age GroupCost Per Click
    13-24 years$0.08
    25-34 years$0.11
    35-44 years$0.13
    45-54 years$0.16
    55-65 Years$0.23


    Around 85% of Facebook advertisements are targeted by country instead of specific location. Only 45% of these advertisements use Interest Targeting.

    Ad Spend Share By Goals


    Goal Percentage
    Post Engagement23%
    Website Clicks20%
    Page likes13%
    Website conversion13%
    Mobile apps install10%
    Video views5%


    FigPii Heatmaps

    Facebook CTA Buttons By Popularity

    CTA ButtonsPopularity Percentage
    Shop Now74%
    Learn More10%
    Book Now8%
    Sign Up4%


    Average FaceBook advertising revenue per user (Q4, 2014)

    Region Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
    US & Canada$8.26
    Rest of World$0.92

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