• How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages [Infographic]

    Creating effective E-commerce product pages is extremely important for better customer experience and high conversion rates. Check out our Infographic to find out How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages in 21 simple steps.

    How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages

    Infographic by- Invesp

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    Did you know

    • The average abandonment rate of shopping cart is 65.23%
    • The average conversion rate of E-commerce store is only 2.13%
    • The higher the average order value the lower the product page effectiveness rate is
    • For website with AOV less than $50, the effectiveness rate is at 25%.
    • For website with AOV above $2000, the effectiveness rate is at 4-5%

    Most Important features that influence the Buyer’s Decision

    Features %age
    Free Shipping 73%
    Free Returns 70%
    Special Sales and Discounts 62%
    Discount Coupons 56%
    Rewards and Loyalty Points 46%
    Time Limited Deals 43%
    Buy More, Save More 34%
    Free Gifts 31%


    21 Steps to Effective e-commerce product pages

    FigPii Heatmaps
    1. High Quality Product Images
    2. Multiple view Images of Single Products
    3. Product Zoom Feature
    4. Consumer Reviews
    5. Create Killer product copy
    6. Offer product customization when possible
    7. Free Shipping
    8. Highlight Discounts
    9. Show Similar Products
    10. Product Demo Videos
    11. Social Media Buttons
    12. Email a Friend Button
    13. Live Chat Feature
    14. Have Clear Call to Action
    15. Maximize Trust Factor
    16. User-Friendly Navigation
    17. User Friendly Fonts
    18. Use Emotional Triggers
    19. Remove Unnecessary Elements
    20. Building customer confidence
    21. Product search function


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