• How to Optimize Your Landing Pages [Infographic]

    Landing pages appear after an online Ad, e-mail link, search result, or specific promotional URL and play an important role in the success of an online campaign. These pages are specifically designed for visitors and offer the first chance to convince and convert your visitors into profitable leads and customers.

    Check out our Infographic on how to create an effective landing page and for best practices of landing page optimization.

    Infographic by- Invesp

    How to Optimize Your Landing Page

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    Why you should Optimize your Landing Pages

    1. Well designed landing pages help you to build confidence and trust among your visitors
    2. Landing pages enhance user experience by eliminating distractions and providing clear Call to Action.
    3. Increase your conversion rates
    4. Maximize your campaign Return on Investment
    5. Improve your site’s usability

    16 Steps to Optimize your Landing Page

    1. Know Your Visitors
    2. Present A Clear Value Proposition
    3. Post Relevant And Persuasive Content
    4. Deliver a Consistent Message
    5. Provide a Clear Call to Action
    6. Balance Your Content And Images
    7. Create A User-friendly Layout
    8. Use Emotional Triggers
    9. Remove Distractions
    10. Don’t ask for too much Information
    11. Build Trust
    12. Respect Privacy
    13. Use Testimonials
    14. Keep it Simple
    15. Test Every Component of Your Landing Page
    16. Ensure Less Loading Time

    Top 5 Landing Page Mistakes

    1. Bad headline
    2. Using main homepage as a landing page
    3. Disconnect between Ad and Lading Page
    4. Call To Action below the fold
    5. Poorly designed form

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