109 Useful Websites & Online Applications You Should Know About

Ayat Shukairy

Ayat Shukairy

My name is Ayat Shukairy, and I’m a co-founder and CCO at Invesp. Here’s a little more about me: At the very beginning of my career, I worked on countless high-profile e-commerce projects, helping diverse organizations optimize website copy. I realized, that although the copy was great and was generating more foot traffic, many of the sites performed poorly because of usability and design issues.
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useful websites and applications you should know about

Since it is the start of the new year, we compiled a list of useful websites that we have been using over the last year. Our goal was to come up with a list of sites that are not well known but we feel should get more attention. The list is includes web applications, project tracking tools, search tools, news sites and multimedia websites.

Note: We extracted the description of each application from its own About us page. No one can describe a product like its inventors , so we decided we would use their own words to describe each applications.

1. LiveTimer is an online service used by professionals all over the world to track their time. People who need to track time for billing purposes, or to improve accountability or personal productivity, can benefit from using LiveTimer.

2. NomaDesk is document collaboration software for geographically dispersed professionals who need constant and secure access to shared files. NomaDesk automatically syncs data across any computer – wherever, whenever

3. Wrike is an integrated online project management solution that helps you manage projects, teams and businesses.

4. Tagzania is about your places. If you sign up, you can add points, lanes or shapes to create and document your maps.

5. Feed Lounge is innovation that takes personal and professional feed readers to the next level; a web-based feed reader that delivers both an amazing user experience along with superior functionality that will likely become the standard for all feed reading applications.

6.Sidekick  Like chrome DevTools, for your backend.

Collect traces and generate logs on-demand without stopping and redeploying your applications.

7. Calendar Hub allows you to create a calendar that You can access from anywhere keep it private, share it in a group, or even publish it on your blog.

8. TripIt – organizes your itinerary as you email it confirmation and changes.

9. Foxit PDF Mobile – great PDF tool, now in a convenient smart phone package.

10. Tempo – A cross between project management and time tracking, keeps track via SMS, Mobile Web, and even twitter.

11. LogMeIn provides organizations and individuals with secure, easy-to-use and cost effective solutions for remotely supporting, connecting and accessing digital information, applications and Internet-enabled devices. LogMeIn aims at improving mobility, business productivity and connectivity through on-demand software-as-a-service solutions.

12.Teleport Create, code, and publish together.

Powerful visual builder to create and publish your headless static websites instantly.

13. Zoho is a suite of online business applications that are free for individuals and some have a subscription fee for organizations. The applications include CRM, Mail, project management, invoicing, amongst many others.

14. vSocial provides a platform that allows marketers to add social media to their promotions.

15. Strands develops technologies to better understand people’s taste and help them discover things they like and didn’t know about. Strands has created a social recommender engine that is able to provide real-time recommendations of products and services through computers, mobile phones and other Internet-connected devices.

16. MyBloop is an unlimited free file storage website. We give anyone the ability to upload all their files and share them with anyone else for free. You can upload files directly from the website or you can install the BloopLoader application to upload files by dragging and drop from your desktop.

17. blummy is a tool for quick access to your favorite web services via your bookmark toolbar. It consists of small widgets, called blummlets, which make use of Javascript to provide rich functionality (such as bookmarklets).

18. Trailfire helps you find the needle in the haystack. Trails have already been created for thousands and thousands of topics by people who apply their expertise and opinions to winnow down the web into usable information for the Trailfire community. And the library of trails grows hourly.

19.Extends Class Syntax validators, code formatter, testers, HTTP clients, mock server, and much more.

20. Pull Request Code review as a service.

Get on-demand code reviews from expert engineers and developers.

21. ispott is a proven mobile scavenger hunt marketing platform used on a highly-successful, award-winning, global marketing campaign with Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

22. gOffice is an online word processor that provides a wrapper around Microsoft Word 2007. This means you can implement a subset of the features found in Word on your website. The output quality of the files will be outstanding because the files will be true Word files.

23.ChatGpt This is an AI tool created by OpenAi.

It’s able to understand and respond to human language. It can answer questions and generate text.

24. Zimbra is open source server and client software for messaging and collaboration – email, group calendaring, contacts, and web document management and authoring. The Zimbra server is available for Linux, Mac OS X, appliances, and virtualization platforms. The Zimbra Web 2.0 Ajax client runs on Firefox, Safari, and IE, and features easy integration / mash-ups of web portals, business applications, and VoIP using web services.

25. TLDR this  helps you summarize any piece of text into concise, easy-to-digest content so you can free yourself from information overload.

26. iPhone VPN – Connect your iPhone to your company Virtual Private Network with these handy instructions from Apple.

27. Camp Fire USA is one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit youth development organizations, currently serving nearly 750,000 children and youth annually. Camp Fire USA, with national headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., provides all-inclusive, coeducational programs in hundreds of communities across the United States. Founded in 1910, Camp Fire USA’s outcome-based programs include youth leadership, self-reliance, after school groups, camping and environmental education and child care.

28. The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words. Its innovative display encourages exploration and learning. You’ll understand language in a powerful new way.

29. Otavo filters information quickly and allows you to track projects, tasks and items you plan to purchase. Manage links and go beyond collecting and categorizing information, quests can group links by how you intend to use them.

30. Xpenser – track expenses in real time via SMS or mobile browsing. Send them in via Email, SMS, Twitter, IM, or voice (call a number and say your expense). From your Blackberry, email “Lunch 78.50 with BigClient” and it’s recorded. From your phone, SMS “exp groceries 27.13”. From your computer, IM “Equipment 889.19 backup server”. From your phone, call and say “taxi 39 office to airport”. Use the Web interface to edit and finalize them or export them to your favorite financial management software. No more forgetting your cash expenses, no more half-day expense entry sessions.

31. myHours is a time management, timesheet, time tracking solution. It enables you to track your work time, projects you work on and tasks you perform. It is web based and can be used from any location at any time.

32. TSheets provides Time Tracking and personal productivity tools to the small to medium sized business owner. Clients from around the globe benefit from using TSheets to manage and maintain accurate time keeping records.

33. ST Invoice allows you to create invoices and estimates while out of the office. This software was born out of necessity since there was nothing like it on the market. It can be customized to be used in ANY industry. Its powerful ability to be tailored to your needs, makes this the most robust pocket pc invoice software available today. Key features include real time timer for hour based services, invoice templates, custom lookup items and line items, digital signature and much more!

34. RescueTime is a web-based time-management tool that allows you to easily understand how you spend your time. One of the coolest things about RescueTime is that there is NO DATA ENTRY.

35. Highrise – online customer management tool from the folks at 37 Signals.  Highrise is your homebase for everyone that’s important to your business. It puts together all those little points of contact so you can see the bigger picture. It makes one history out of many interactions. Highrise helps you make sense of it all.

36. Hey Friday Friday is an online AI content writing tool.

Enter information according to the prompts and Friday can help you create, rewrite and output a complete, high-quality blog, letter, or marketing copy.

37. Tall Street is a Social Recommendation Engine. That is a Web Directory where users control the results.

38. RawSugar is a search engines that doesn’t recover every document that contains every word you entered in your search query. Instead, RawSugar helps you access only information that is useful to you.

39. Askeet is a community based Q&A repository.Anyone can post a question about any subject, or answer an existing question. Registration and use are completely free. If you need an answer, ask your question, register to its RSS feed of answers, and just wait until your news aggregator pops out with an answer. Questions and answers can be rated, so that the most interesting questions and the most useful answers come first. If you have knowledge to share, pay askeet a visit from time to time, you might even earn some money.

40. LinkUp is a leading job search engine that exposes the hidden job market. We conveniently connect you with real jobs from real companies, assuring all jobs are fresh and available. We do this by monitoring thousands of small, mid-sized, and large company career sections.

41. Wink People Search provides free people search across over 400 Million profiles from across the Internet – including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and all the other big social networks. You can search for people by name, location, work, school or interests. Find people, Be found, Stay connected with a dedicated highly relevant search.

42. STOCKIMG AI Generate stock images using AI.

You can generate book covers, wall papers, posters, logo, illustrations, art, etc.

43. Vimeo is a thriving community of people who love to make and share video. From simple moments to masterpieces, Vimeo is the perfect home for you to upload, store and share all the video you create.

44. Metacafe is not just a video sharing but also a hosting site that allows any and every video to be posted.

45. mOOtion is a colaborative Internet-Video programming guide. It is a global community to share videos on the Internet. You can send your videos and publish comments about it. Once you submit a video, other users can vote (mOOve) it; if your video gets enough votes, it will get published (promoted) into mOOtion home page.

46. Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites.

47. Odeo is part search engine, part media directory, and part social network. Users can search & explore media channels covering just about any topic or area of interest – from automotive to technology, comedy to cooking, education to entertainment.

48. Dailymotion is about finding new ways to see, share and engage your world through the power of online video. You can find – or upload – videos about your interests and hobbies, eyewitness accounts of recent news and distant places, and everything else from the strange to the spectacular.

49. imeem is a social network that enables users to discover, interact and express themselves with media, including music, video and photos, and form connections based on shared tastes and interests.

50. ClipShack is a community for videophiles; a destination where people can post their video for general public viewing and comment, share clips with friends and family, post video to blogs, share information and feedback with other videophiles and wireless media aficionados and gain industry information relevant to digital video creation. The mission of ClipShack is to be the easiest, most fun site for sharing and playing with video.

51. If creating a video and publishing it to the web seems like a challenge, we think you’ll find that Jumpcut makes it easy and fun. If you’ve been wondering what to do with the video you shoot with your snazzy new camera (or your phone), Jumpcut is the perfect place for you to be creative. If video isn’t your thing just yet and you just want to make cool slideshows with your pictures, Jumpcut is still the best place.

52. Revver is an online media network built the way the internet really works. Revver technology pairs videos with targeted ads and tracks them as they spread across the web. So no matter where your video travels, you benefit because we share the advertising revenue with you.

53. Musicovery utilizes an interface that offers the most natural and useful landmarks to start and drive a musical program : moods entry (the interface enables to find intuitively the mood looked for), music for dancing (choices of tempo and groove), as well as options to select specific genres, chronological periods and songs fame (hits/discovery).

54. Cogram Effortless meeting notes and action items.

Cogram takes automatic notes in virtual meetings and identifies action items while keeping your data private and secure.

55. Replit Build software collaboratively from anywhere in the world, on any device, without spending a second on setup.

56. Zoto is an online photo sharing company unlike any other. While most photo sharing sites provide limited online sharing features, Zoto focuses on providing powerful ‘application-like’ features that give you the ability to store, organize, and share ALL your digital photos online – ensuring they are safe and secure, and available to you anywhere in the world.

57. iLike is the Web’s leading social music discovery service and the dominant music application on the Facebook®, Orkut, hi5 and Bebo platforms. With more than 30 million registered users, iLike helps people share music recommendations, playlists, and personalized concert alerts.

58. Eventful is the leading events website which enables its community of users to discover, promote, share and create events. Eventful’s community of users select from nearly 4 million events taking place in local markets throughout the world, from concerts and sports to singles events and political rallies.

59. DotNetKicks is a community based news site edited by members. It specialises in .NET development techniques, technologies and tools including ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++, Visual Studio, SubSonic, Open Source, SQL Server, Silverlight & Mono.

60. motorpulse is a community-driven news site for automotive news. Everyone’s a reader, an editor, and an author. Vote on the stories that are the most interesting, and they will get higher placement on the site.

70. mp3rama is a place where you can post and comment any news and resources related to mp3. You can publish different stories or articles here related to mp3. You can share different ideas with the other users and exchange comments. You can tell everything that you want as long as it is related to mp3. This is another good site that mp3 lovers must really take advantage of. Keep track of the latest published mp3 news and share it with your friends!

71. SportsFlip tells you the best sports news. That’s because SportsFlip.com lets you choose the news. Visitor-submitted — and visitor-ranked — links point you to the best stories on the ‘net.

72. newsgarbage is a technology-based news site, moderated and controlled by you, the users. In this sense users can post news on the site, and then by ‘bagging’ or ‘binning’ specific news articles users have the power to change which news articles fellow users will see first and which articles go in the trash.

73. Tabnine AI assistant for software developers.

Code faster with whole-line and full function code completions.

74. APBnews blog about interesting current news. Blog categories include breaking news, celebrity news, drugs, fraud, major cases, incoming events, technology and terrorism.

75. Business-Planet is a free, online application. It is a place where you can publish interesting business news, vote and discuss them. It is a place where you can publish your DIY advices, alternative medicine suggestions, How-to tutorials, business management strategies and other things related to business.

76. Browse AI The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website.

Train a robot in 2 minutes; no coding is required.

77. BlogMarks is a collaborative link management project based on sharing and key-word tagging. Build on a blog basis, BlogMarks is an open and free technology. Now, you can access your favorite URL’s from any computer.

78. Ineffabile is another online tool wherein you can store all the links of your favorite websites. You can access it anytime and wherever computer you are. This will help you a lot in arranging your everyday’s online experience.

79. Wykop is a service created by users. Any information is added, evaluated and discussed by the community! Share and discover important information for you! You decide.

80. TagTooga is about saving references to the best of the Internet. A “Tag Page” lists the most valuable sites for some targeted subject matter. The Internet is cluttered with SPAM, message post chatter, blog blather, and out-dated junk. TagTooga is a democratic system that provides the means for the public to contribute and decide what is best.

81. Linkatopia allows you to consolidate all of your favorites and bookmarks from multiple computers, browsers, and operating systems. By doing so, you will be able to organize your links to web sites, music, videos, online games and more. Spend less time finding information you already looked up before.

82. Wirefan is a search based and free website that contains the best information technology with a combination of social blogging, bookmarks, non-heirarchical editorial control and RSS.  This is very exciting for account users since they can submit their own news and stories.  Wirefand makes locating stories trouble-free so no need to jumble up stories in the web.  It has a pretty big storage space and still growing to accommodate your contributions and on top of that, it’s free!

83. TekTag is a place for people to discover and share technical content from anywhere on the web.

84. PromptLayer The first platform built for prompt engineers.

Maintain a log of your prompts and OpenAI API requests. Track, debug, and replay old completions.

85. Loomia provides sites with easy-to-use recommendation services that help people find things that that they like. Affordably, transparently, and without a lot of work.

86. NetworthIQ was conceived as a place where people can track, share and compare their financial status. We like to think of it as a social personal finance tool.

87. Nuclia The AI search engine delivering the right answers from your data. 

Effortless integration. For any data, including video, wherever it is.

88. Axiom AI

Save time, and use browser bots to automate website actions and repetitive tasks on any website or web application.

89. IndianPad is a social bookmarking and blogging site where the users submit stories and other users decide by their voting power what gets to the front page.

90. Riku Ai This website empowers you to build AI models without code. Use AI through integrations, API, or public share links. Accessible AI for everyone.

91. Ma.gnolia allows members to save websites as bookmarks, just like in their browser. Except with a twist: they also “tag” them, assigning labels that make them easy to find again. So when you search for something, you use words that people choose and look only at websites that people think are worth saving. Suddenly you have access to a human-organized bookmark collection that numbers in the millions, but is as easy to use as a search engine.

92. BuddyMarks has been called “The online personal, group and social bookmarks manager.”

93. Multiply is your one place for doing more with your media: we take your photos, videos and blog posts to the next level. Share safely. Store permanently. Create beautiful products. Here’s what you’ll get:

94. Diigo is two services in one — it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other. Diigo provides a browser add-on that can really improve your research productivity.

95. Complore is derived from com-(with,together) and explore-(search, research). As the name suggests, complore is a vision to connect people from diverse backgrounds, from traditional research areas such as the sciences and engineering to non-traditional fields such as theater and music, through collaboration and networking and provide them a common platform to collectively explore their areas of interest. Thus complore provides people to think and work as a team.

96. My Opera: Opera’s social network and community. Share photos, start your own blog, meet friends and start mobile blogging via SMS. On My Opera you can share your photos, start a blog and much more. You get 1 GB of free space.

97. Moon Beam This is a data science platform.

With Moonbeam, you can find innovation partners, collaborate remotely, and workn seamlessly.

98. eBuddy is a free web based messenger that enables you to chat with your MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace and AIM buddies. No downloads or registration required to use the web version of eBuddy, all you need is a JavaScript enabled browser on your computer. You can access eBuddy from any computer or location and it even works behind a firewall. Whether you’re at home, school, at the library or at work, surf over to eBuddy and login with your account to start chatting – it’s as easy as that!

99. CogniFlow This website helps you to boost your productivity and integrate AI into your workflow.

Classify customer interactions, extract info from text or images, identify and count objects in images or video, or even transcribe audio.

100. Joopz is a “web text” messaging service that allows its users to send messages from the web to any mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada, and vice versa.

101. JAJAH allows you to call anywhere – on your mobile or landline phone to save money and keep in touch with friends and family. JAJAH can save you up to 98% on your international phone calls. It connects you using your existing phone.

102. Fring – integrates instant messaging, Skype and actual telephones to provide an all-in-one-communications tool.

103. Robovision Make dynamic vision AI that works.

Robovision offers a vision AI platform that covers the full AI life cycle. Streamline the entire process of developing, implementing, and adapting AI in today’s ever-changing business environment

104. Trillian is a modern and secure instant messaging for people, business,es and healthcare

For over 20 years, Trillian has been helping people stay connected. Today’s Trillian brings secure (and HIPAA-compliant) messaging to healthcare professionals and businesses of all sizes. And true to our roots, if you’re just looking for free instant messaging, we can help with that too!

105. Wetpaint lets you build a rich, online community around the whatever-it-is that you’re really into. Utilizing the best features of wikis, blogs, forums and social networks, Wetpaint mixes everything you need so you can create, collect, and organize content on your own social website.

106. Seek This is an AI site for generative Data.

Ask your data anything and get your answers instantly.

107. PBwiki is the world’s largest provider of hosted business and educational wikis. The site hosts over 500,000 wikis, serve millions of users per month.

Bonus Apps

108. There are many URL shortening services out there, but Cligs has to be our favorite! The tool provides real time analytics with the ability to send tweets directly from the site. In addition the Cligs provides an extensive APIs and tools including a blog feed tool, browser tool, and a Google gadget.

109.  MessageDance is a platform for sharing digital content and conversations from your social sites and through email. Publish just once and your content will be shared to all of the places you hang out.

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Ayat Shukairy

Ayat Shukairy

My name is Ayat Shukairy, and I’m a co-founder and CCO at Invesp. Here’s a little more about me: At the very beginning of my career, I worked on countless high-profile e-commerce projects, helping diverse organizations optimize website copy. I realized, that although the copy was great and was generating more foot traffic, many of the sites performed poorly because of usability and design issues.

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