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  • A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing: An Introduction to Testing for Conversion Rate Optimization

    “Should I run an A/B test or a Multivariate test?”

    This simple yet fundamental question always pops up in planning for conversion rate optimization.

    A/B testing is the default and most common procedure in CRO programs. In some cases, though, running a multivariate test can add a significant value. Other times, you have room for both tests interchangeably.

    The great benefit of testing? You give your visitors a voice in the design process.

    When implemented correctly, testing removes the guesswork from conversion optimization and you move to the stage where every action you take is a result of an informed

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  • 12 Lessons from Running 512 A/B Tests in One Year

    12 Lessons from Running 512 AB Tests in One Year By Invesp

    2016 was a bold year for Invesp. It was a year of amazing successes. But, also, of rough failures. I have always believed that you must be willing to embrace failure if you are looking to achieve big wins.

    While embracing failure applies to many things in life, it is  truer for anyone doing CRO.

    In 2016, we ran a total of 512 A/B tests through our various projects helping top online brands increase their website conversion rates.

    Most of our tests are medium to highly complex tests. Since we have been doing conversion optimization for over 11 years, we

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization Process: 12-Steps for Consistent Increases in Conversion Rates

    Conversion Optimization System

    If you have been doing CRO for some time, you know it is not an easy task to produce consistent increases in your (or your clients’) website conversion rates.

    There are months in which your A/B tests produce significant increases in conversion rates. Other months, you find not so great results. We struggled with this inconsistency 11 years ago, when we first started Invesp.

    We knew that we had to solve this problem if we were looking to build our conversion optimization practice. Our first attempt to solve this problem was by introducing the Conversion Framework.

    But the framework by

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  • 5 Tips to Run A/B Tests The Right Way

    When you implement changes into your marketing campaign how do you know these changes will be liked by your audience?

    More importantly, how do you know the changes will convert your customers better than what you had earlier?

    This is where A/B testing comes in place.

    Besides increasing your conversions, A/B testing helps you look beyond your analytics and figure out what your customers really care about.

    As powerful as it may be, A/B testing is also hard to understand for most businesses. So in this article, I’ll share some tips to help you do A/B testing the right way

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  • How to Split Test Without Harming Your Site’s SEO

    Editor Note: We highly recommend that you implement the different ideas in this blog post through AB testing. By doing that, you will figure out which of these ideas works for your website visitors and which don’t.  Download Invesp’s “The Essentials of Multivariate & AB Testing” now to start your testing program on the right foot.

    When done right, split testing can help you capture more leads, get more visitors and increase sales.

    When done wrong, it can cost you time, money and your search engine rankings.

    Split testing is confusing for search engine spiders. In any successful A/B test,

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  • 14 Beginner Mistakes That Will Kill Your A/B Testing (and what you can do about them)

    AB testing mistakes

    More and more companies are turning to AB testing to increase their online conversion rates.

    The scene has changed a lot since we first started doing conversion optimization over ten years ago. Back then, it was difficult to explain to companies the impact of testing on websites’ performances. However, still today, most companies invest primarily in visitor-driving activities and set lower budgets to converting visitors into customers. CRO and split testing budgets in these cases represent a portion equivalent to 10% of the resources devoted to visitor driving.

    If your company is starting with A/B or multivariate testing, the following

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  • Multivariate and A/B Testing Best Practices

    Conducting a multivariate test is exciting.

    By using the right tool, you can quickly develop different designs for your website, direct visitors to each design and watch the conversions for each variation.

    Done incorrectly, AB testing can result in a waste of money, a misuse of man-hours, and, even worse, a decrease in your conversion rates.

    Here are nine best practices you must follow when conducting a multivariate test.


    Planning Stage 1.  Set expectations correctly

    Wrong expectations translate into disappointment and lost investment.

    Many marketers start testing because they heard or watched a case study where a company achieved

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  • What Elements Should You Test In An A/B Test?

    As you start the process of multivariate or AB testing, one of the important questions you will face is:
    What elements to change and test on a page?

    This article will suggest many elements that you can consider when creating a test. However, before you jump into selecting elements and creating variations for them, ask yourself:

    Why are you selecting a particular element? Why are you testing the headline as opposed to the hero image? Why not test the benefits list or the call to action on the page?

    The process of selecting elements to test on a page

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