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  • The Process of Creating a Successful A/B Test

    First, do not rely solely on a testing software to create successful tests.

    You need people who can design efficient test scenarios, analyze results accurately, and create meaningful follow-up tests.

    Poorly designed experiments might not provide concrete insights to conversion rates optimization. You need criteria to determine, for example, which elements on a page you should test, which external factors could affect the results, and in which ways to rearrange the designs for new phases of the test.

    As much as testing is essential to any optimization project, it should only be conducted after the completion of equally important stages

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  • Comparing Multivariate & AB Testing Tools

    On the journey of increasing the conversation rate on your website, you need the precise help of your visitors and clients’ input. You need to evaluate the efficacy of hundreds of possible designs and compare dozens of different results.

    You have heard there are tools out there to help you in your quest, but staggering questions haunt your decision.

    •  What is the right split testing tool for my website?
    •  By choosing a particular tool, will I affect the success of my testing or conversion optimization program?

    From simple free tools to complex block testing based software, you

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  • The Difference Between AB Testing and Multivariate Testing

    A/B and multivariate testing share the same concept: splitting visitors between several designs of your website or webpage in order to determine which of these designs generates more conversions.

    If you are deciding which type of test best suits your conversion rate optimization, read on to find out more about particular characteristics of A/B and multivariate testing.

    Discover the best scenarios for each test and check five must implement steps when conducting split tests.


    AB Testing

    AB Testing (or Split testing) allows you to test one or more variations for each page on your website against each

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  • What is A/B testing (split testing)?

    If visitors are not converting on your website, then obviously, there is something wrong that is stopping them.

    You can go ahead and ask your design team to create new designs but the question remains: how do you know that the new designs will convert more visitors compared to the original design?

    That is where AB testing comes in handy.

    AB testing (sometimes referred to as split testing) is the process of testing multiple variations or designs of webpage against the original page with the goal of determining which page generates more conversions.

    The original design of a page is

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  • 12 Multivariate & A/B Testing Tips for Beginners

    Even if you’ve never done the digital marketing version, you very likely do some AB testing already. Can’t choose the right color for you kitchen walls? You bring home two swatches from the paint store to see which one looks best. Can’t get your children away from computer games? You try reasoning, then bribery, and go with the one that keeps them offline the longest.

    Multivariate & A/B testing are use the same concept. You test two versions (the first version, or control version, is “A” and the comparative version is “B” = AB testing) of a marketing element, whether

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