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  • Effectiveness Of Online Advertising– Statistics And Trends

    When people talk about advertising, 9 out of 10 they’re probably referring to online advertising. Online advertising has proven to be extremely profitable both for small and large businesses. Reports indicate that around 95% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. That’s saying something! The average person is served over 1,700 banner ads per month but only half of them are ever viewed. However, businesses have sharpened their tools and are filtering the Ads that are not being viewed. Responses generated from non-viewable ads were filtered out and only the good stuff was retained. By doing so, businesses have managed

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  • Three Basic Elements of Click-Grabbing PPC Ads

    Considering how crucial they are to ecommerce and lead gen efforts, PPC ads continue to be grossly underestimated and misused.

    Unless your SEO is good enough to get you onto the first page of search results, PPC ads are your ticket to putting your company and/or products in front of potential customers at the precise moment they’re looking for you.

    Their importance is such that we can’t cover all of the dynamics here. But you can get a good start by breaking them down into three basic elements:

    1. The Keyword

    Contrary to their primary role in SEO, the main

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  • Lower Prices Motivate the Digital Generation

    They are the first generation to mature having spent all or most of their lives with access to computers, high speed internet connections and online shopping.

    And they shop differently online than older generations. With purchasing power of $170 billion, ecommerce retailers should pay attention to how “Millennials” (Wikipedia defines the generation as those born between the late 1970’s/early 1980’s and the early 2000’s), spend all that cash.

    A new report from eMarketer, “Millennials in the Marketplace: A Generation Moving on its Own Unpredictable Path” outlines surprising online shopping behaviours from those who came of age during the Great Recession.

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  • From UX to Search Engine Rankings, the Big Benefits of Customer Reviews

    Last week, as part of the “Conversion Optimization Tactics in Action” blog post, we made note of how Simply BBQ used customer reviews and customer-generated content.

    First, the site features excerpts from customer testimonials throughout. The excerpts are also compiled in a series of testimonials pages, four in all, with entries from a cross-section of Simply BBQ’s customers, including large multinational corporations, local businesses, municipalities and private individuals.

    Simply BBQ then shows some innovation in a feature that allows their customers to “Like This Menu” with a total of “likes” listed beside each menu item.

    Finally, Simply BBQ offers the

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  • UVP: What Makes You Better Than The Competition?

    One of the most effective and initial strategies to optimize your site is to define the value proposition and to state it clearly throughout the site. Each element should be pointing to that value. Simply put, a value proposition is a “promise of value to be delivered and a belief from a customer that value will be experienced.”

    What becomes challenging is staying unique within a very competitive market where many companies can share the same values that your company does. How does your company stay a step before the rest? How can you  continue to distinguish yourself and draw

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  • 6 Great Ways to Turn Customers into Advocates

    As I pointed out a couple weeks ago, many old marketing and sales models, particularly AIDA, are open-ended, meaning that once the sales conversion is complete, the model stops and has no means of putting the customer back into the conversion loop, like turning them into brand and/or product advocates.

    Creating advocates not only increases the chances of the them returning, but their actions will influence others to become customers too, and so they end up doing your sales and marketing for you. For free.

    Let’s look at some of the ways, especially for ecommerce sites, you can create brand

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  • Good Branding & Bad Branding

    Cease & desist letters are “opening salvo” legal devices fired off in the hope that recipients are shaken enough by the tough “prosecute to the fullest extent of the law” language to do what the letter demands, thereby saving the letter writers the cost and bother of acting on the threats.

    As such, they are about the furthest that writing can get from marketing and supporting a brand.

    So imagine the talent and creativity, or perhaps simply the genuine concern for the brand, that it would take to write a cease and desist letter that not only supported the brand,

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  • 109 Useful Websites & Online Applications You Should Know About

    Since it is the start of the new year, we compiled a list of useful websites that we have been using over the last year. Our goal was to come up with a list of sites that are not well known but we feel should get more attention. The list is includes web applications, project tracking tools, search tools, news sites and multimedia websites.

    Note: We extracted the description of each application from its own About us page. No one can describe a product like its inventors , so we decided we would use their own words to

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