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  • Everything You Must Know About Ecommerce Abandonment Rates – Product Page, Checkout and Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

    eCommerce abandonment rates

    There are few key performance indicators that everyone focuses on for an e-commerce store: conversion rates, average order value, and the number of monthly visitors, site revenue, and the cost per acquisition. These metrics translate into money in the bank (or lack thereof).

    Each of these KPIs is influenced by a variety of other metrics that causes them to go up or down.

    It is important to state that abandonment rates are incredibly site-specific. Establishing market standards for them is difficult. Each site, with its customer base and specific audience, will require its unique evaluation and solutions.

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  • The Top 7 Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment & Tips for Avoiding Them

    Online shopping cart abandonment is epidemic. Depending on your source, the time of year and the particular website, abandonment rates generally range from 60% to 80%.

    While we accept that high abandonment rates are the nature of ecommerce and online shopping, looking at it from another perspective underlines the gravity of the problem: after putting an item into a cart, customers are twice as likely to leave than to continue through the checkout process.

    Here’s a little more perspective: according to Forrester Research, the estimated dollar value of items in abandoned carts is $31 Billion.

    But every problem is an

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  • Four Easy Ways to Cut Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

    If you haven’t yet, you should check out the  “Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics” infographic posted earlier on the Invesp blog. Khalid’s opening sentence says it all – “If you run an e-commerce business, you must be aware of the Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics of your website”.

    But, if you don`t know your stats, the infographic is a great place to start, because there, plain as day, right off the top, are simple, easy to understand data that can instantly reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate by at least 10%.

    Some Things are Difficult to Change

    Check the “Why Web

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  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics [Infographic]

    If you run an e-commerce business, you must be aware of Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics of your website. For those who have never heard of this term before, Shopping cart Abandonment rate is the percentage of shoppers who placed products in the Shopping Cart but did not complete the check-out process

    According to researchers, the average Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate of e-commerce websites is 65.23%, which means that shoppers didn’t complete the checkout process 65 times out of 100.

    Our infographic on “Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics” covers some interesting facts about the following:

    Shopping cart abandonment Online conversion Major

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  • Reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate by 30%

    I would love to be able to share the actual client data but they would like to remain anonymous. Ayat is leading a full website conversion optimization project for an apparel company. We focused on the checkout process during the first phase of the project. Our goal was to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. We asked the client do 3 things:

    1. Add an “assurance center” to the right navigation of the cart page. The goal is to reduce any FUDDs, customers may have (note: image of Land’s End assurance certain is an example. They are not our client)

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  • Cart Abandonment Emails: Using Psychological Principles To Influence Customers’ Decisions

    an image of an email being thrown into the trash can depicting an email cart abandonment

    How much do you hate seeing abandoned carts? 

    I don’t like them either. 

    But they are inevitable…just like bounce rates. 

    When we conducted a research study on statistics of shopping cart abandonment rate, guess what we found? 

    Out of 100 people who add items to a cart, only 35 make a purchase. 

    The rest abandon their carts. That’s a whole lot of revenue down the drain.

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  • Shopping Cart Best Practices – An analysis Of Top 200 E-commerce Websites

    an infographic on shopping cart best practices, an analysis on 200 eCommerce websites

    Sometimes, CRO gets you in a rut, and you need inspiration. And what best way to attain that inspiration than through actual implementations done on other sites? But where to look, who to look at, and how to get that information? Well, we’ve carried the brunt of the work for you! We conducted research on over 500 SAAS and e-commerce sites to develop some great resources for you. 

    The greatest perk for all of these articles is that we provide you with a lead magnet to the library of screenshots we took of all these companies.

    Before we jump into

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  • How to Create a Cart Abandonment Strategy That Wins Back Customers

    - a cartoon image of a customer abandoning their shopping cart after putting in items.

    Did you know that over half of all online shopping carts are abandoned by potential customers before they make a purchase? That’s a tough number to digest, considering that, if the customers purchased those items, your sales would practically double.

    One of the biggest wastes of a potential sale is letting an abandoned-cart shopper go without even trying to get them back. Although it’s true that some customers may have just been “window shopping” to begin with, it won’t hurt you or your business to put in some effort to turn window-shoppers into customers. After all, what you do to

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