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  • Starting Your Conversion Optimization Project The Correct Way- updated Dec 2020

    an image of different pieces of an armor suit and then the completed armor depicting how doing CRO marketing the right way turn your business right.

    This article has been updated to reflect the more current process in Dec 2020

    Additional updates are coming to include #JTBD framework!

    Marketing projects can be complicated. Conversion optimization projects are even more intense. They require a very diverse set of skills, a lot of time and patience. It isn’t enough to just have an “eye” or know a few CRO “best practices” (whatever that is).

    You see, when conversion rate optimization first gained momentum, a lot of sites lacked basic usability fundamentals. Finding “low hanging fruits” and making UX fixes, was a treat and usually ended with big revenue

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  • 12 Entrepreneurship Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Know

    an image of a father teaching his son depicting entrepreneurship lessons being passed down

    We did it. We have officially made it to the 12-year mark in our business. Yeah sure 12 years isn’t one of those milestones people talk about – it’s usually 10 or 15 years. But since we never did a 10-year anniversary post, we are doing it now.

    12 years means a lot of challenges. And with every year we became more resilient overcoming issues that do many business in.

    Throughout our many years, I can say this one thing applies to every business out there: there is no single strategy that can lead you to success. But hard work,

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  • $60 billion dollar company pivoted value proposition for a 14.72% increase in conversions

    a featured case study on a $60 billion company an how they got 14.72% increase in conversions

    Khalid recently wrote a post on why most case studies suck. Well, it wasn’t actually that case studies that suck, but rather that the AB experiments conducted within these case studies are simply not valid. We also had an interesting discussion about in the Invesp linkedin and the Invesp facebook pages and tweeted about it as well.

    The point of this long week debate came down to: process, process, process.

    If you follow a sound CRO process and are careful about missteps when it comes to AB testing, you can achieve amazing results and have a successful program.

    But for

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  • Remote Usability Testing – How To Do Usability Testing on a Budget

    an image of a paid user testing out a website for user experience issues and bugs.

    The worse thing to do when trying to refine a product, despite its nature, is to ignore the need for testing and rely on guess work under the pretense of scarcity of resources, time limitation, lack of knowledge or whatever your excuse might be.

    Regardless that many think of usability testing as hill climbing, instead of seeing it as a solution, because there is much unknown, and they may lack experience.

    The bottom line is that the data you can attain through usability studies is unmatched. Usability testing uncovers issues, alludes to possibilities, and provides a roadmap for immediate necessary

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  • Behavioral Momentum : Are Visitors in Love with Your Old Site Design?

    a cartoon image of a user smiling because they’re in love with their brand’s website design

    The question of website redesign vs. conducting CRO optimization is familiar to companies with a strong online presence. In some instances, gradual conversion optimization effort is the way to go, sometimes a redesign is inevitable.

    However, there is a dilemma here.

    Although getting new customers to convert remains to be a challenge, once they do convert, returning customers love the site and experience. Would you disrupt and invest in something loyal customers seem pretty okay with?

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  • Heuristic Evaluation: Your Complete Guide To Heuristic Evaluation for Conversion Optimization

    an image of a desktop screen with a magnifying glass focused on the website displayed, looking for more user details

    What Is Heuristic Evaluation?

    The word heuristic refers to a rule of thumb adopted based on an experience or common knowledge. Ultimately, an heuristic evaluation is based on a set of rules that represents the best practices a website should include.

    As a usability method, heuristic evaluation detects usability problems within a website and helps in creating educated changes to site improvement. It is a valuable technique in the sense that it gives a quick feedback and it is extremely cost effective.

    About 20 years ago, when Jakob Nielsen first introduced this method, conducting a heuristic evaluation was mainly a

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  • The Wins and Pitfalls of Buy Online Pick up in Store (BOPIS)

    an image of IKEA, the furniture giant

    Technology and connectivity are rapidly changing. In an aggressively commoditized economy, businesses need to break out of commoditization to a more experience-based offering, if they want to succeed and outshine competitors.

    Many giants in the industry are recognizing this need, so they are trying to provide everlasting experiences for customers through omni-channel touchpoints.

    Online retailers have the challenge of turning the quite mundane experience of online shopping into a unique experience.

    Of course, on the website itself, distinguishing the experience from other online retailers is challenging enough. Most of the distinction happens at purchase, receipt of the product,

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  • A/B Testing Statistics Made Simple

    an image of a desktop screen with A and B split on the screen with statistics symbols as the background depicting A/B testing statistics made simple

    “Why do I need to learn about statistics in order to run an A/B testing?” You may be inclined to wonder, especially considering that the testing engine supplies you with data to make a judgement on the statistical significance of the test, correct?

    As a matter of fact, you have plenty of reasons to learn statistics.

    If you’re conducting A/B tests, you need to understand some basics about statistics to validate your tests and their results.

    Nobody wants to spend time, money and effort on something that will turn out useless at the end. To use A/B testing efficiently and effectively,

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