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  • The Truth About Conversion Funnel Optimization

    Homeowners will tell you how useful funnels are for making sure all the gasoline gets into their lawnmowers, instead of all over them.

    And how many scientists are endlessly grateful for the funnel that ensures every drop of their new revolutionary compound gets where it’s supposed to go and doesn’t spill and dissolve the entire lab.

    Funnels are one of those tools that are so very useful that we take them for granted. Imagine the incredible frustration for suburbanites and scientists if their funnels were full of holes – and only about 3% of the materials they poured into the top actually made it

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  • Why Conversion Optimization of Your PPC Campaign is the Last Thing You Should Do

    Imagine you’re a photography buff and you start seeing lots of advertising everywhere for a new camera superstore opening in your area. You can’t turn on the TV, open a newspaper or drive down the road without seeing a billboard or advertisement for the new store.

    On the day of the grand opening you arrive at the store, full of anticipation of getting your hands on the camera equipment you can’t find anywhere else. The store looks great and lots of people are there.

    But when you finally get inside, you don’t find what you expected, the product displays don’t

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  • 6 Out-of-the-Box Ideas To Increase Mobile Conversions

    mobile commerce graphic

    Whenever a new medium comes along, whether it be to communicate or sell, our initial reaction is to apply the conventions of the old media to the new one and see what happens.

    Many of the first television broadcasts were simply radio programs performed before a camera. And our first stabs at ecommerce were dominated by online shopping malls that imitated their suburban predecessors. While a few still exist, they are by no means the model of current ecommerce.

    After 20 years, we still haven’t learned enough about ecommerce to get average conversion rates into the high single digits. The

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  • Three Ways to Make Your Conversion Optimization Strategy Make Sense

    SEO PPC graphic

    How’s your digital marketing doing? Good, bad or meh, if you’re like most, for every tactic that you’re using, you have at least one more that you wish you had more time and resources to do.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to prioritizing digital marketing tactics, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is more often the program that takes the hit and gets neglected.

    Almost 80% of digital marketing budgets are devoted to attracting new prospects through search engine optimization (SEO) and paid digital advertising (PPC). And less than 5% is set aside to optimize the conversion of those prospects into customers. CRO

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  • How to “Write” Ecommerce Product Descriptions that Sell

    Amazon Kindle product description

    Wikipedia’s article on “money” tells us that the first records of barter date back over ten thousand years. And the first known coins are well over 2,500 years old.

    Whenever the exchange of goods and/or money for other goods and services began, you can rest assured that, from the moment it started, people quickly how to sell – how to ‘convert’ a customer.

    Fast forward to the 20th century and the art of selling products advanced to the point of having large, well-stocked and strategically located bricks and mortar stores, and trained salespeople, all devoted to getting shoppers to buy.


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  • Revealed: The Biggest Secret to Ecommerce Checkout Optimization

    woman telling a secret to a man

    Ask anyone, who has even the slightest knowledge or opinion about ecommerce checkout optimization, for advice and you’ll likely get more than you bargained for. And if you ask anyone else for the same advice, there’s a good chance that at a goodly amount of it will conflict with the first advice.

    Before we go any further, let’s cut to the quick. The psychological gamesmanship that takes place between a potential buyer and ecommerce retailer at the point of online checkout is unprecedented in the history of selling. It is game without human interaction, it takes place in a highly

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  • Three Crucial Elements for Landing Page Copy that Converts

    Converting a customer. It’s the goal of everything you do in business. From your website design, to the services and products you offer, everything is aimed at getting more customers to buy. In that way, there is no beginning and no end to conversion optimization throughout your business.

    While online conversions are part of the overall conversion focus of your business, they also help you expand your market reach beyond the limitations of a bricks and mortar location and let you conduct business entirely without a formal physical location.

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  • It’s a Lead Generation Form Conversion Optimization Ambush

    Strap on your CRO gear, we’re going in for an ambush.

    A lead generation conversion might not mean cash in the bank in the same way as an ecommerce conversion, but for those companies whose goal it is to get sales leads online, the lead generation form is where the rubber hits the road.

    What you do with the lead after potential customers give you their info is an entire sales science unto itself, but until you get them to submit the lead gen form form, you don’t get to practice any science, or sales, or anything else.


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