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  • Revealed: The Biggest Secret to Ecommerce Checkout Optimization

    woman telling a secret to a man

    Ask anyone, who has even the slightest knowledge or opinion about ecommerce checkout optimization, for advice and you’ll likely get more than you bargained for. And if you ask anyone else for the same advice, there’s a good chance that at a goodly amount of it will conflict with the first advice.

    Before we go any further, let’s cut to the quick. The psychological gamesmanship that takes place between a potential buyer and ecommerce retailer at the point of online checkout is unprecedented in the history of selling. It is game without human interaction, it takes place in a highly

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  • 26 absolutely important questions that will make you rethink your website ASAP

    Online marketing should NOT re-invent the wheel. Seems simple enough. The same principals that have been developed for traditional marketing and copywriting should be studied, implemented and on the web.

    While many companies are attempting to convert more of their visitors into customers, true and meaningful long term relationship is about persuading these visitors to do business with you. The difference is not just in semantics; it is about how you think about your business, how you approach your marketing and the kind of a relationship you have with customers. You want a good conversion framework that can shape

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  • 5 On-Target Techniques for Optimizing Subscription Pages

    Subscription pages are the gateway for many service providers. But instead of propelling visitors to move forward, unfortunately, they are many times characterized as a “bottle-neck.” What stops a visitor in their tracks after being initially hooked by your service? The following are 5 techniques you can use on to get visitors to sign up on subscription pages :

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  • It’s a Lead Generation Form Conversion Optimization Ambush

    Strap on your CRO gear, we’re going in for an ambush.

    A lead generation conversion might not mean cash in the bank in the same way as an ecommerce conversion, but for those companies whose goal it is to get sales leads online, the lead generation form is where the rubber hits the road.

    What you do with the lead after potential customers give you their info is an entire sales science unto itself, but until you get them to submit the lead gen form form, you don’t get to practice any science, or sales, or anything else.


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  • How to Improve Conversions Rates on Product Pages By Not Thinking About Conversion Optimization

    If you’re looking for a better approach to conversion optimization on your product pages, stop thinking of it as “conversion optimization”.

    Instead think of it as: “persuading a human being that the combination of your brand and product offers her the best value”.

    Regardless of how you think of it, the point is to always keep your eye on the target, your customer, who is human – not a conversion rate percentage point on your analytics report.

    If you want to maximize conversions, or persuade your web visitors to buy, your product pages should appeal to humans on at least three

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  • 5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with Social Media

    It’s as old as social media themselves. The debate surrounding social media ROI might just rage on forever.

    On one side are those who look at ROI as a straightline proposition. ROI = the difference between an investment and the revenue it generates. Done.

    On the other side, mainly populated by social marketers, community managers and influencers, the point is made that direct financial return isn’t the overriding purpose of social media, and it’s misguided to use direct ROI as a measure of your social media marketing success.

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  • 5 Copywriting Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

    It’s time to get down to business. Through one or more of your marketing channels, your customer has entered your sales funnel and arrived on your landing page. It took a lot of “heavy lifting” to get them here and now your challenge is to justify the effort by getting them to convert.

    If you leave anything to chance, you’re letting yourself down.

    Every element of your page has a role to play (if one doesn’t, get rid of it), each one is very important and together they combine to foster conversions. But none of them are more important than

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  • A Bit About Images & Conversion Optimization

    What role do images play in your conversion rate?

    The quickest way to find the answer might be to check AB test results from around the web. But when you do, you find that it’s not an easy answer at all. If you search long enough, you’re likely to find as many results showing conversion rate reductions as those that show increases.

    The other option is to run AB or multivariate tests yourself and see what works. But that’ll take a few weeks or months. And you’ll have to test every image you use. So you’re not likely to

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