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  • Ask for the Sale: 3 Tips for Better Results from Your Calls-to-Action

    Ask for the sale. It’s basic sales practice. Unless you are McDonald’s, your customers will not likely line up to spend their money with you. Don’t expect the customer to make a buying decision purely on the merits of your offer. Ask for the sale.

    In advertising, asking for the sale is known as a call to action. It’s the third step in the basic model for most advertising:

    Highlight a problem Present a solution Call to action

    Here’s a simple example in ad copy:
    Got a nasty headache? Aspirin relieves headache pain fast. Buy some today.

    But, regardless

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  • 4 Tips On How To Handle An Impulsive Customer

    A retailer’s dream is the customer that comes to their site with credit card in hand and highly motivated to make a purchase. This customer will likely be the one to overlook some major FUDs causing elements on your site (Fears, uncertainties, and doubts), cause they’re ready to buy! But, hold on, there are two key aspects to this customer that you need to remember:

    Make sure it is indeed really easy to buy and they don’t have to go searching for your “buy” button. Make sure they have a

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  • Are You Marketing to the Right Online Customers?

    You’ve read on these pages before about the benefits of a marketing model that focuses on repeat customers to turn them into brand advocates for your ecommerce.

    Now an analysis by Adobe Digital Index confirms major, bottom-line advantages to paying more attention to your repeat customers.

    The analysis used data from 33 billion visits to 180 ecommerce sites in the U.S. and Europe. The numbers reveal a strikingly disproportionate emphasis on attracting new customers versus keeping existing customers:
    (Adobe defines returning purchasers as those who have made one previous purchase, and repeat purchasers as those who have made multiple

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  • Two Ways to Combat Consumer Paralysis

    The conventional wisdom is that the more choice consumers have, the more likely they are to find one that works and make a purchase. The good news for ecommerce websites is, with no shelf space to maintain, they have a distinct advantage over their bricks and mortar counterparts in offering more options.

    But a lot has been written about the potentially paralyzing effect on customers of too much choice, and it can happen for many of reasons:

    Fatigue from reviewing and assessing all the options Concern about which choice is absolutely best for them Apprehension that they are getting the best value

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  • Divide & Conquer – 3 Ideas for Market Segmentation Online

    Market segmentation is not a new idea, but take a look at digital marketing and you might think no one has heard of it.

    Digital marketing, including your web properties, social media and blogging, makes it easier than ever to segment your markets. And it’s easier to create smaller, more focused segments than in traditional marketing.

    So why do so many websites, Twitter accounts, email campaigns, etc., simply push the same message to everyone?

    Because we always use new media the way we used the old. The first fonts printed on Gutenberg’s press resembled the hand-scribed fonts that came before.

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  • AIDA: Great Opera; So-So Marketing Model

    If the end of a sale is likely the end of your relationship with the customer you just had in your hand, then it’s time to review your system.

    According to the AIDA model, once your ecommerce conversion is complete, or your brick and mortar sale happily leaves, your efforts have been successful. Of course they are; you made a sale and that’s always a success. But it has the potential for far more success.

    The AIDA model is:

    Awareness – Letting your markets know you exist
    Interest – Give them the relevant features and benefits

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  • 3 Tips for Tuning Up Your Email List

    You have heard this many times, but it has yet to be overstated: email marketing is one of your most powerful marketing vehicles. You will be hard-pressed to find another channel that is as simple, fast, accepted, direct, targeted, personalized, trackable, cost-efficient and effective. And ROI isn’t hard to come by either.

    The engine that makes email so powerful is the email list. Your email doesn’t work without it. And if it’s in poor condition, your email marketing will be that much less efficient and effective.

    The mistake many marketers make is in thinking that all they need to do

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  • Are You Late on Early Adopters?

    Early adoption is a lot of things. Addictive is one of them.

    Who’s addicted to early adoption, you ask?

    Both business owners and consumers.

    You see, the relationship between business owner and early adopter is symbiotic. You need them as much as they need you.


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