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  • 5 Reliable Guidelines for Designing Higher-Converting Landing Pages

    What’s the first question you ask yourself when you set out to design a landing page? As a loyal reader of the Invesp blog, you’ll know that designing landing pages to optimize conversions starts with … the conversion goal. It’s fairly simple; you want conversions, so start there.

    So that first question is: “what action do I want the visitor to take on this page?”

    The Clash Between Your Goal and the Customer’s Goal

    Tragically, the simplicity of landing page design diminishes exponentially after that first easy step of choosing a conversion goal.

    Here’s an example: you decide to

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  • The “Call-to-Search” for Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

    How’s your ecommerce conversion rate doing? Has it improved lately? If you are like the bulk of online retailers, the answers are, in order, “poorly” and “no”.

    In May of 2012, Invesp reported average online conversion rates of 2.14% in their “Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics” infographic. Three years later, Monetate analysed almost 8,500,000,000 (yes, eight and a half billion) shopping sessions and found an average conversion rate of 2.25%. It’s up, but if we claim a victory from a tenth of a point uptick in conversion rates over three years, then no one should wonder why conversion rates absolutely

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  • New Pii Feature: Assigning Weighted Traffic to Different Variations

    We are excited to announce adding a new feature to the Pii AB testing engine: Assigning weighted traffic to different designs you are testing.

    Typically, Pii divides visitors equally between the original and the different variations you are testing. So, if your test has two variations running against the original design, then each of the designs (the original and the two variations) will each receive 33% of the visitors.

    The new feature allows you to assign different weight to each of the variations. You can do this in one of two areas:

    First, If you are creating a test, then

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  • How to Defeat the Challenges of Conversion Optimization

    It’s Digital Marketing 101: online marketing success requires three things. First, you need a presence, which is your website, landing page, social profiles, etc.. Second you need to attract people to your site, which you do through search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising (PPC), social media, content, etc.. Third, you must convert those people, which you do with conversion rate optimization services.

    Considering that if any one of those three things is missing, the rest of your digital marketing effort will be in vain, it can be said that each are of the similar import. (Your web presence is actually

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  • Three PPC Conversion Optimization Tips To Increase PPC Conversion Rate

    girl reading ppc magic book

    It’s generally accepted that at least 90% of all clicks on search results happen on the first page. And of the remaining 10%, it’s generally accepted that an above average portion of those are people who are doing research, looking for “how to” instructions and otherwise not being the target audience for companies marketing their products and services online.

    It’s also generally accepted that about one third of those clicks on the first page are made on the pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear in the top three positions in the left-centre of the page, above the organic results, and in

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  • Writing Effective Call To Action – How to Write Web Copy that Sells

    Writing effective call to action

    This is it. The big show. It’s what we all came here for. It’s the entire reason you designed and built a web site and landing page. It’s the focus of your conversion optimization and the raison d’etre of your digital marketing program.

    It’s time for you to reach the conversion goal of your page and “make the sale”.

    It’s time for web visitors to take your call-to-action.

    As we mentioned in Part 2 of this series about writing Headlines, the oldest rule of selling is that you must ask for the sale. It’s not enough to think your visitor

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  • The Truth About Conversion Funnel Optimization

    Homeowners will tell you how useful funnels are for making sure all the gasoline gets into their lawnmowers, instead of all over them.

    And how many scientists are endlessly grateful for the funnel that ensures every drop of their new revolutionary compound gets where it’s supposed to go and doesn’t spill and dissolve the entire lab.

    Funnels are one of those tools that are so very useful that we take them for granted. Imagine the incredible frustration for suburbanites and scientists if their funnels were full of holes – and only about 3% of the materials they poured into the top actually made it

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  • How Addressing Personas Resulted in 238% Improvement in Conversions

    Who are the visitors that come to your site, and what makes them tick? Studies have shown that your site visitors comprise of personas or a combination of personas. Increasing your website conversion rate starts by understanding these personas and addressing their needs through copy and design. The first persona we will be discussing is the caring persona. Users that fall under this persona identify with social proof, user reviews, amongst many other different techniques. Join on us to learn more on how to cater your site to address the caring persona.

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