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  • MCommerce: 4 Tips To Give You An Edge

    When I consider the future of transactions in general and shopping in particular, I can’t help but feel that it will become more and more automated and virtual. Just think about new ATMs at many banks like Bank of America, they almost completely eliminated the need for a human bank teller. So whether its ecommerce or more importantly mobile commerce, it seems that it’ll become more of the norm, and physical shopping will become the exception.

    But what are some basics to know about mobile commerce, and is your site mobile friendly?

    Here are a few tips to consider:


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  • Why aren’t there more C-Level Women?

    The other day I read a status of a friend of mine on facebook: “So blessed to live in a country where women have been liberated and are valued for their intellect.” Her comment wasn’t sincere, but that’s another topic entirely. I thought about her status, and being the child of immigrants, I can greatly appreciate how far I’ve come as a woman living in the US. My family immigrated from the Syria in the early 1970’s. When I reflect now at the Arab Spring and how the masses are fed up with decades of

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  • E-commerce checkout guidelines and best practices

    According to e-commerce researchers, an average 65.23% of potential customers abandon their shopping cart. In this blog I have outlined some comprehensive steps that can help reduce cart abandonment.

    Add Description for Fields Labels
    Form field labels without an explanation could cause confusion regarding the information being asked of the customer. Most customers need extra help, so for example, instead of showing a “?” or having a mouseover effect that shows details of what’s being asked, you can simply display the information below the form labels.

    Highlight Credit Card Fields with Security Icons
    Study shows that users

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  • Responsive Ecommerce Design to Generate More Conversions

    In today’s world where focus is shifting from computers to smart devices, like tablets and phone, we can no longer ignore the fact that transactions are being made from these devices and the user’s preference is shifting.  Ignoring only amounts to lost potential revenue.

    Responsive web design is a way to design the website that can provide optimal viewing experience, better user experience in term of reading, navigation, and image sizes with least resizing, panning, and scrolling the pages across different devices. For example computers are different platform tablets and mobile phones.

    “Responsive web design is the approach that suggest

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  • How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages [Infographic]

    Creating effective E-commerce product pages is extremely important for better customer experience and high conversion rates. Check out our Infographic to find out How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages in 21 simple steps.

    Infographic by- Invesp

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    <p>Infographic by- <a href=””>Invesp</a>

    Did you know

    The average abandonment rate of shopping cart is 65.23% The average conversion rate of E-commerce store is only 2.13% The higher the average order value the lower the product

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  • The Five Ecommerce Holiday Promotions Your Customers Want Most

    There’s one area of the data you can use right now to improve your 2012 holiday sales.

    Check out the Factors That Influence Holiday Purchases the Most.

    While all the infographic’s information is interesting, this info is interesting AND actionable.

    Why? Let’s first look at the factors that influence holiday purchases the most, (in order of % respondents):

    55% Free Shipping 37% Last Minute Sales 29% Coupons 16% Gift Sets or Complementary Items 8% Flexible Payment Plans

    What do all these factors have in common?

    They all make great holiday promotions. Purchase decisions are influenced more by promotions than by

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  • Three Sales-Boosting Advantages of Using Social Logins

    Here’s some good news and bad news for ecommerce retailers: you are pioneers. That’s bad news because ecommerce is still in its infancy and those who use it will suffer pioneering difficulties and hardship as it matures.

    But it’s also good news because, as a pioneer, you can develop ecommerce according to your needs and wean it from its inefficient ways ahead of your competition.

    How? Make it easier for customers to buy from you.

    Web shoppers have time and again expressed frustration with the processes of buying online, including being asked for too much information and overly complex checkout procedures.

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  • One Big Question About A/B Testing

    I’m not going to give a full explanation of A/B testing, or mulitvariate testing, here. First, I’m no expert and second, Ayat Shukairy gives as good an explanation as any in her post on multivariate testing for the Invesp blog.

    Briefly, A/B testing involves the selection a certain elements of your website or landing pages, such as the images you use, your call-to-action buttons. page layout, etc., and testing them against other options for those elements to see which option performs best.

    A simple example would be an online form with a grey CTA button at the bottom of the

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