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  • Should Headlines Dictate Your Mobile Ecommerce Strategy?

    If you’re involved in any way with ecommerce, you’ve heard for the last couple years that the mobile ecommerce wave is about to come crashing in and change ecommerce forever. But, even if you squint a bit, it’s tough to see as much as a noteworthy swell on the horizon.

    If you’ve invested in mobile ecommerce, you’re ahead of the wave. Depending on how far you took it, it can be relatively inexpensive and when the wave comes in, you’ll surf it longer than the rest.

    If you haven’t yet mobilized your ecommerce, you may want to hold on just

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  • Solve the Two Biggest Content Marketing Problems with One Tactic

    Take a look below at the graph of Content Marketing Challenges from, but don’t take too long because the first two challenges tell almost the whole story: by far the largest issues facing content marketers are:

    Finding time for content marketing, and Creating original content

    That’s the bad news and, as content marketers know, it’s not really news.

    The good news is you can solve both of these problems with a single tactic. Improve your content mileage, or get more use from your content, and you will reduce the need to create more and, as a direct result, the

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  • The 3 Pillars of Ecommerce Success

    Pillars work together to provide support and the success of your ecommerce depends on these three pillars:

    Pillar 1 – Web Properties – Until a few years ago, a good web site alone would have done nicely to conduct an ecommerce operation, but no more. The splintering of the web means some customers may never find your site unless you maintain properties in all the places they congregate. Properties can include a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, etc..

    Depending on your markets and how you serve them, you may need to expand each property too, potentially including landing pages

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  • Understanding The Online Consumer Behavior [Infographic]

    Our “Analysis of Online Consumer Behavior” infographic not only helps you understand the behavioral characteristics of online consumers, but also to obtain answers to several important questions. Some of these questions are:

    1. What are online shopper demographics?
    2. Why do people prefer to buy shop online?
    3. What are the most common reasons why people don’t shop online?
    4. What are the various online spending trends in different retail sectors?

    Infographic by- Invesp

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  • How Big Is E-commerce Industry

    The e-commerce sector has continued its double-digit growth year over year. And to make it easy for you to understand the growth of e-commerce industry in US and all across the world. We’ve created an infographic “How big is E-commerce” that will cover some interesting facts about the E-commerce industry, its growth and latest trends.

    Infographic by- Invesp

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    Did You Know That

    In 1979 – Michael Aldrich invented Online Shopping


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  • Hosted Ecommerce Solutions are Rarely a Good Option

    We previously discussed 13 Areas to evaluate ecommerce solutions  while selecting an ecommerce technology or platform(Part 2 can be of selecting ecommerce solution can be found here). Mainly you have three main options to choose from:

    1. Custom built websites that are developed specifically for that site

    2. An ecommerce package that is deployed on a server (think Magento, oscommerce, ATG, etc)

    3. Hosted e-commerce solution (Yahoo!, Network solutions, Cloud craze, etc)

    Each of these options has its pluses and minuses. As an ecommerce architect, I have experienced both ends of the spectrum, helping companies select the right solution for

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  • Incentives: Giving your customers the biggest bang for their buck

    During such tough times, incentives are everywhere. Companies are struggling to get customers through the door. Even major conferences are “extending deadlines” for their “early-bird specials” because, simply, people are not buying. But more likely than often, incentives do work. They motivate and persuade the customer that is in a latter part of the buying stages. But what if your incentives were designed to motivate the customer that is in the initial buying stages, or just a browser, as well?

    What NOT to do when it comes to incentives:

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  • Personas: Can Ecommerce do without them?

    Not a single day goes by without some question or comment from clients, potential clients, or subscribers to our RSS on the validity of personas for an ecommerce website. Of course, once we get our clients results, they are certainly on board. But convincing them of the personas role and effectiveness at the ecommerce front before beginning a project, has posed as a challenge.

    Let’s get something out of the way though: is it possible to optimize without the use of Personas? Definitely.

    So why personas for an ecommerce website? Let’s dissect this further:

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