• How Big is Blogosphere [Infographic]

    The Blogosphere is growing at rapid pace. Blogging these days is not just about sharing content. Its much more than that. Its about Analytics, trends, social networking traffic, revenues and lot more. Our infographic “How Big is Blogosphere” will be covering some interesting facts about Blogging World.

    Infographic by- Invesp

    How Big is Blogosphere

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    Did You Know That

    According to BlogPulse, there were more than 164 Million Blogs in July 2011.

    49% of Bloggers are from USA, followed by 29% from Europe and then 12% from Asia Pacific

    64% of Bloggers are Hobbyists.Only 21% of bloggers are Full time bloggers.

    30% of bloggers are of age group 25-34 years followed by 27% from age group 35-44 years.

    15% of US bloggers are from California.

    28% of bloggers are blogging from 4-6 years, followed by 21% bloggers blogging from more than 6 years.

    Only 11% of bloggers are earning their primary income from blogging.

    32% of bloggers spend less than 1 hour/week in blogging followed by 28% who spend 1-3 hours/week in blogging.

    55% of bloggers update their blogs for 4-12 times/month

    40% of bloggers are using WordPress blogging platform.

    35% of bloggers write about areas of Interest.

    66% of bloggers use personal satisfaction to measure their success

    25% of bloggers are using mobile devices for blogging.

    40% of blogs are using Display ads as the main source for generating revenues.

    Around half, 48% of blogs receive less than 1,000 unique visitors per month.

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9 thoughts on “How Big is Blogosphere [Infographic]”

  1. Used to be pretty easy to tell with Technorati and tools like that but now with things like Microblogging and Tumblr it’s getting a lot harder to measure. I also think a lot of more traditional bloggers are getting drawn away to social media as a quicker way of getting engagement but there are alos more professional blogs as well

  2. Allen Cerezo says:

    More and more people are creating blogs because of its potential to outrank static websites. Updated blogs are favored by most of the Search Engines especially Google. And according to the infographic, most blogs serve ads and paid postings and links. The discovery of the earning potential of blogging made the blogosphere huge. And many more to come in the future.

  3. Connor Keating says:

    Who would have figured blogging would become such a powerful weapon in online marketing. I actually remember Yuri Mintskovsky using his blog a couple of years ago to start up his online marketing business and he started being more and more successful with it.

  4. Wow only 40% use WordPress, i would of thought that was highter?

  5. Dave Thomas says:

    That’s mental how blogs are still growing, I thought they reached their peak, I guess not.

  6. Interesting infographic. I like these and this one is well presented.

    The idea of scoping and recording data about blogs is an excellent one – but the data collection needs to be transparent and robust.

    I’m wondering where the data came from – if it’s from the Technorati survey I saw I didn’t complete it as it had some major flaws in terms of the questions asked and the sampling frame. Did Technorati or Blogpulse tell you how the data was collected?

    I honestly don’t think either Technorati or BlogPulse are particularly good at measuring the blogs which are out there. I guess a combined result might be better – but IMO they’re still counting an awful lot of dead blogs (by which I mean blogs which haven’t has any new posts in the last 12 months or more)

    For the record my art blog has had over a million visitors, is ranked by Invesp in the top 20 art blogs in the world (and it’s also ranked #3 in the UK) and yet Blogpulse had never heard of it! Hence my scepticism….

  7. Wendy says:

    I love blogging. It is a commitment but it does make a difference in our business. 🙂

  8. There is no doubt about the power of blogging and the potential to become even bigger. I do not see social media having much of an impact to the size of the blogging community.

  9. Luis says:

    Very interesting and useful to understand the evolution and the full growing of e-bussines. It’s very important for the bloggers. I’d like to get the same info about all over the world. Thanks…

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